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4 delivery tips for satisfying increasingly impatient online shoppers

Consider the last time you, as a shopper, used your mobile device to order something—a ride, food or stream a movie. Chances are that interaction only took a matter of minutes—maybe even just seconds. As fast as you can tap a finger on a Buy button, any item can now be yours. Shoppers’ definition of “fast” is rapidly changing. We now live in a mobile, one-click world where shoppers expect immediacy, great service, fast delivery, responsiveness and transparency.

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2017 Predictions: Retail Experts Weigh In

2016 has been a fascinating year for retail. From major acquisitions like Walmart’s purchase of, to an election cycle that kept everyone guessing, to a holiday shopping season that broke almost all of its own records, there were more than enough stories and themes to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Now, with 2017 within shouting distance, it’s time to think about the major stories of next year. At Ketner Group, we’re lucky to have some of the brightest minds in retail among our client roster. A few of those experts have channeled their inner Nostradamus and see some interesting themes emerging in the year to come.

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4 Steps To Defend Your Brand Against Porch Pirates

“Porch Pirate” is the new name for the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. These “pirates” steal the cheer from any holiday event, whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day or Mother’s/Father’s Day, by burglarizing doorsteps, leaving customers without their gift deliveries.

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Retail Report Card: Smoother Ending to Choppy Holiday Season

For retailers across the country, it finally felt like Christmas, even without any snow.

Holiday sales came late and came on strong in the days just preceding Christmas and Hanukkah, and store executives anticipate a vigorous run of gift-card redemptions, winter clearances and some early spring fashion selling at full price in the days before New Year’s.

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Retailers Predict a ‘Super’ Saturday and Rush for Gifts in Season Finale

Expect “Super Saturday” to emerge as the biggest volume day of the year, ending the lull in business since Cyber Monday and fueling retailers’ confidence that they will meet their holiday sale projections.

While executives expect to meet the revenue projections of 3 to 4 percent above last year, profit margins are a different matter. Price promoting and higher rates of online shopping, where transactions are seen as less profitable than at bricks-and-mortar, will dig into the bottom line. (more…)

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