Customer Experience a Key Aspect of Retail Supply Chain Operations

Retailers are having a hard time updating their supply chain systems and technologies to keep up with the new reality of heightened customer expectations in an era of digital disruption but are feeling increased pressure to do so quickly, according to a new survey from Convey.

The survey, which polled supply chain executives from 200 retailers, found the convergence of customer experience (CX) and supply chain is forcing companies to rethink legacy technologies and processes as they adapt to the new anytime, anywhere, anyhow shopping paradigm.

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Everyone Struggles With Supply Chain Management — Some More Than Others

Optimizing the supply chain is a challenge for any industry — for some, more than others. Analysts say that corporate investment in cloud-based supply chain management tools will witness massive growth over the next few years, and businesses could potentially save billions by more efficient supply chain management. PYMNTS breaks down the latest research on where the challenges and opportunities exist in the world of supply chain management.

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Customer Experience Now a Top Priority in Supply Chain Operations

Only 3% say current systems “fully support efforts to improve the customer experience” while more than 66% report existing systems do nothing to improve customer experience.

Customer Experience Now a Top Priority in Supply Chain Operations
While most retailers understand the importance of providing a consistently positive customer experience, many struggle with legacy technology that fails to address customer experience needs, according to a new study, Redefining Final Mile Delivery in the Age of the Customer, released on February 14.


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Retailers call for better customer service in last-mile delivery

Retailers are calling for better customer experience of last-mile parcel delivery, but their current technologies are not addressing that need, a survey released Tuesday shows.

More than 83 percent of retailers confirmed that customer experience–or CX—is a companywide goal, and nearly 56 percent said that CX measurement is key to their operational decisions, the survey showed. Despite the importance of customer experience in final-mile delivery, that goal is not making a sufficient impact on supply chain performance and decision-making, according to the study, “Redefining Final Mile Delivery in the Age of the Customer.”

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How 5 sets of Austin co-founders met, and their advice for making it work

We asked co-founders from across Austin tech to share the stories of how they met — and why their partnerships work.


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Amazon Increasingly Wants to Be Its Own Deliveryman

Amazon isn’t content just being the “everything store.” Increasingly, it looks like it wants to be its own deliveryman, too.

Its Monday announcement of a new air cargo hub in Kentucky is merely Amazon’s latest foray into building out its own shipping and logistics unit. If successful, the move could ultimately mean lower costs for Amazon — and possibly faster delivery and low prices for consumers. But it could also pit Amazon against package deliverers like FedEx and UPS.

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19 Austin startups that graduated from local accelerators

Startups have a smaller chance of getting into some of the nation’s most competitive accelerator and incubator programs than high school graduates do of getting accepted into top-tier schools like Harvard.

It’s a pretty impressive stat, but with a handful of incubator and accelerator programs throughout Austin, there are a ton of startups that have local programs to thank for some stage of their entrepreneurial journey. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of Austin’s notable startups that have since graduated and evolved into successful businesses.

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Monthly Delivery Digest – January

Now that we are officially a month into the new year, focus has shifted to 2017 trends and how to prepare for what’s to come. The next few months are filled with a flurry of delivery focused trade shows with leading trend-focused content on post-purchase communication, the changing role of logistics in the age of the customer, and strides towards achieving full-chain visibility. Check out this month’s biggest news.

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