Monthly Delivery Digest – March

The delivery headlines this month were focused on high profile acquisitions like Modcloth, news of new drone usage plans by both Amazon and Walmart and the implications of proposed changes to tax policy for retailers. Check out the below headlines to catch up on what happened this month.

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66% Of Retailers Say Current Systems Don’t Enhance Last-Mile CX

Despite efforts to improve the last mile of the customer experience (CX), retailers still are far from optimizing it: 66% of retail supply chain executives say that their existing systems do nothing to improve the customer delivery experience. Only 3% say they currently have systems that fully support efforts to improve the CX, according to a survey from eft and Convey.

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Ask The Thought Leaders: How Will Technology Change The Shipping Industry?

Until a few years ago after reading the book “The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger”, I didn’t fully grasp just how important and complex the shipping industry truly was.

Now, I realize just how significant it is which has lead to a fascination with where the industry is headed. From Drone deliveries to shipping via blimps, it’s clear change is coming but it’s not so clear what the change will all mean.

To find how what’s going to happen in the industry, we asked experts the question:

What’s the future of shipping?

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Monthly Delivery Digest – February

Amazon’s latest earnings report has highlighted a $7B loss on shipping. While Amazon can afford to take this hit many retailers simply cannot. The focus this month has been on what retailers can do to compete. How to strike a balance between operations and customer experience all with the goal of driving revenue. These are likely to continue to be hot topics at this month’s Operations Summit, Shoptalk, and Home Delivery World events.

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Customer Experience a Key Aspect of Retail Supply Chain Operations

Retailers are having a hard time updating their supply chain systems and technologies to keep up with the new reality of heightened customer expectations in an era of digital disruption but are feeling increased pressure to do so quickly, according to a new survey from Convey.

The survey, which polled supply chain executives from 200 retailers, found the convergence of customer experience (CX) and supply chain is forcing companies to rethink legacy technologies and processes as they adapt to the new anytime, anywhere, anyhow shopping paradigm.

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Customer Experience Meets Fulfillment: CX Is Now a Top Priority in Retail Supply Chain Operations

2/3s of Retailers Say Gaining Greater Control of CX is Crucial to Delivery

While most retailers understand the importance of providing a consistently positive customer experience (CX), many struggle with legacy technology that fails to address CX needs—an issue compounded by the desire to invest in innovation without sacrificing traditional operational metrics, according to new research from customer-centric delivery platform Convey and eft Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence. The firms recently announced the results of a joint study examining the importance of CX in final-mile delivery, and the impact of CX on supply chain performance and decision-making.

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Everyone Struggles With Supply Chain Management — Some More Than Others

Optimizing the supply chain is a challenge for any industry — for some, more than others. Analysts say that corporate investment in cloud-based supply chain management tools will witness massive growth over the next few years, and businesses could potentially save billions by more efficient supply chain management. PYMNTS breaks down the latest research on where the challenges and opportunities exist in the world of supply chain management.

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