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2018 Holiday Shipping Spotlight

The 2018 holiday shopping season is off to the races with exciting growths in shipments and fast delivery. With 165 million shoppers and a 239% growth in all shipment modes, this peak season is already setting record highs. Discover the statistics.

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Last Mile Delivery: What Shoppers Want & How to Save Retail

With never-ending news of major retail bankruptcies, the word “apocalypse” seemed to echo across every media outlet this year. As brands aim to up-end major competition and ever-rising consumer demands, we asked over 1,500 consumers the how, what, and why of their delivery experiences.

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Partner Program Launched to Help Brands Perfect Last Mile Delivery

With holidays around the corner and customer expectations on the rise, Convey today launched its industry partner program to connect retailers and brands of all sizes with solution providers, carriers and systems integrators who can help them improve and optimize last mile delivery. Convey is announcing inaugural members of the Partner Program that include FLEXE, Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants and Estes Forwarding Worldwide.

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