Eliminate Skyrocketing Fees and Resolve Shipment Issues 4x Faster

Give your team the tools to identify, escalate, and resolve distressed shipments in real-time with your carrier partners. Nearly 12% of all shipments encounter exceptions that can result in negative customer experiences, and project 44 makes it possible to identify and resolve them before they turn into costly returns or appeasements.

Recover helps retailers to avoid millions of dollars in return to sender, incorrect address fees and more while simultaneously improving NPS over 20%.

Reduce Response Time By 77%

Find out how proactive communication helped Bodybuilding.com increase NPS while reducing costly WISMO calls.

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Leverage Machine Learning to Turn 1 Hour Each Week Into $160k In Savings

Exceptions are inevitable, but the costs associated with them are not. Despite being seen as “the cost of doing business,” exceptions don’t have to eat into profit margins and cause lost customers. In fact, when a retailer positively resolves an issue, the shopper is 60% more likely to return to the brand for future purchases.

Recover allows you to get ahead of the most common exceptions by improving your team’s ability to be proactive and collaborate with both internal and external teams. Proactively managing the delivery experience is proven to result in an average of 6x ROI.

Speed Resolution Time With Complete, Real-Time Visibility For Everyone

project 44 connects data from across your ecosystem in real-time — from shipment status to order details and proof of delivery (POD) images. When all teams are operating with the same data, individuals are able to more quickly resolve issues, identify systemic problems, and target opportunities to exceed customer expectations.

Every shipment record is complete with all shipment status updates, customer and carrier communications, attachments and internal notes ensuring a single source of truth.

New Rules for Supply Chain Success

Find out how top retailers are balancing cost, speed, and experience to beat Amazon.

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Building the Case for Proactivity

Learn the metrics that matter when measuring the supply chain’s impact on the customer experience.

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Increase Perfect Order Rate With Collaborative Exception Management

Ensuring a perfect order requires internal and external teams with various tools and processes to collaborate seamlessly. When customer care, logistics, carrier service teams and dropship vendors may all touch a shipment – the days of email and spreadsheets will no longer cut it.

Configurable views and complete shipment histories ensure all parties know exactly what needs to be tackled. Rapidly identify and escalate exceptions as soon as they occur. Simplify workflows by assigning owners, sending messages, and sharing files in a single pane to reduce resolution time over 80%. Automation and batch actions enable proactivity at scale.

Support In-Band Recovery Actions With Integrations To CRM, Claims, And More

Eliminate silos and improve outcomes by connecting, triggering, and tracking activities for customer care and logistics in one place.

A single source of truth ensures all parties are operating on the same data while integrations reduce friction and keep users working in their primary system of record.

And so much more

Data Designed for Action
project 44 goes beyond simply presenting carrier data to fully support the retail last-mile decision process by classifying and enriching data to reveal issues carriers don’t flag.
Intelligent Exception Identification
project 44’s data model simplifies thousands of events to 19 actionable statuses – allowing retailers to make sense of issues and identify what to do next.
Measure your Team’s Efficiency
Quickly view work in progress, measure efficiency and benchmark performance for both your team and your shipping partners.
Automation to Drive Success at Scale
Human intervention can’t keep pace with the speed of delivery. Automated solutions and an intuitive rules engine makes meeting expectations at scale possible.
Best Practices from Retail’s Top Brands
Access benchmarks and expertise from project 44’s experience managing 3.1B+ shipment events for more than 130 of retail’s top brands including 5 of the IR 10.
More Successful Claims
Simplify the process of filing and coordinating claims to recoup losses and ensure rating discrepancies are captured.