Real-Time Reporting

Ready-made reporting with a wide range of configurability designed to inform rapid decision-making capabilities and improve operational efficiency.

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Network Planning

We collect data across billions of shipment events to power the most intelligent, predictive, and customer-centric last-mile delivery experience in the industry.

Performance Benchmarking

Achieve competitive excellence by leveraging comparable peer performance – helping supply chain leaders prioritize their business strategy.

Better Together

And so much more

Delivery Insights

Reduce shipment costs and dynamically identify network issues with prescriptive analytics and transportation insights.

Predictive Exceptions

We use machine learning to proactively detect delay and exception risks to preempt negative delivery experiences.

In-Transit Risk Tolerance

Configurable alerts allow you to set risk parameters that alert your teams of unexpected disruptions for en-route shipments.

Actionable Carrier Data

Power the right decisions by classifying tens of thousands of different tracking events into actionable statuses, exceptions and milestones.

Cross-Team & Cross-Mode Visibility

Work seamlessly across your organization with tools to enable efficient cross-team collaboration, data aggregation and consistent workflow management.

Carrier Agnostic

Ensure efficient supply chain planning across any carrier in any mode – anytime.

“With Convey, we’ve got a unified experience that feels like it’s all coming from UncommonGoods regardless of carrier. We see the delivery date as a promise, and the Convey platform is key to us being able to be keep it.”

MC Halfpenny Director of Operations
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“We saw results almost immediately in cost savings and efficiency gains that make Convey a critical element of keeping our delivery promises. Our internal care team is happier and more productive due to Convey.”

Seth Goldman CEO of UrbanStems
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“Knowing that our customer service team has greater visibility into tracking details, and that our customers have a positive delivery experience aligned with our brand promise is exciting.”

Wayne MacGregor Director of Logistics
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“Convey offered a streamlined solution that we could basically plug and play while integrating very easily with our WMS, resulting in a near-instant, immense improvement in end-to-end delivery visibility, coupled with great reporting.”

Julia Babina SVP, Operations & Customer Experience
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