Eliminate shipment blind spots for reliable order updates.

Managing the post-purchase delivery experience takes more than just a responsive tracking page – because no two orders are created equally. Consumers expect to know when their order is delayed, but more importantly, they deserve to know why and what comes next. project 44 Engage reimagines what you know about the post-purchase tracking experience by giving consumers real-time, total order transparency – every step of the way.

Reduce WISMO Calls by >25%

Find out how proactive communication helped Bodybuilding.com increase NPS while reducing WISMO calls

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Trade delayed alerts for real-time notifications.

Relevant and timely delivery notifications are proven to reduce WISMO calls, improve customer satisfaction, and boost NPS. project 44 makes it easy for you to proactively reach multiple customers throughout the delivery journey with automated, relevant order updates. Customizable alerts ensure you can easily own the customer communication strategy that seamlessly mirrors your brand presence.

Swap generic updates with a branded voice.

Shopping has never been easier and more convenient – it’s in the palm of our hand, 24/7. And your brand should be at the forefront of every consumer touchpoint throughout the entire retail purchasing journey. Engage enables you to proactively and flexibly own the post-purchase tracking experience while still maintaining your unique brand voice and aesthetic.

Don’t just track orders. Anticipate them.

Find out what elements you need to keep top-of-mind when rethinking your post-purchase customer experience.

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What 96% of Shoppers Expect from Delivery Communications

From when to communicate to how, learn what communications consumers have come to expect from retail brands.

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Exchange phone tag for dynamic collaboration.

Let’s face it, white glove order scheduling is not always simple or seamless. Consumers just want to know the whereabouts of their order and when they can expect to receive it. By automating the appointment scheduling process, you can easily collaborate directly with the consumer to update, confirm or modify the delivery date in as little as two clicks. Keeping customers informed, happy and loyal.

Replace scattered data with unified order visibility.

Provide an exceptional experience, even when deliveries go wrong by empowering support teams with all the information they need at their fingertips. Every shipment record is complete with a full history of shipment status updates, customer communications, and product details ensuring a single source of truth. Google-like search and filter capabilities ensure care teams can find and respond to customers instantly.

And so much more

Voice of the Customer Feedback
Integrate customer feedback throughout delivery to help identify systemic issues and directly address customer concerns.
Language Localization & ADA Compliance
Meet the communication demands of your customers, regardless of language or accessibility needs.
Product Recommendations
Surface relevant product recommendations embedded in the tracking page solution.
CRM Integrations
Deliver solutions that eliminate the need for agents to swivel-chair, by inserting delivery information into their existing workflow.
Item-level Shipment Detail
See every detail about your items, even when there’s multiple shipments in one order.