Drive loyalty and reduce WISMO calls with post-purchase customer experiences and proactive notifications for all methods of delivery


Drive loyalty and reduce WISMO calls with post-purchase customer experiences and proactive notifications for all methods of delivery

Reduce Customer Care Costs and Increase NPS with Branded Shipment Tracking

98% of shoppers report that shipping impacts their brand loyalty. Delivery issues will happen but it’s how those issues are managed that matters most.

Engage provides retailers a turnkey solution for giving shoppers the control and communication they desire while managing for service costs. Standardized shipment tracking reduces confusion and streamlines the consumer experience – eliminating dreaded “Where is My Order” calls.

Reduce WISMO Calls by >25%

Find out how proactive communication helped Bodybuilding.com increase NPS while reducing WISMO calls

Eliminate WISMO Calls with Proactive Delivery Notifications

Relevant and timely delivery notifications are proven to reduce WISMO calls and improve customer satisfaction and NPS scores.

Convey makes it easy for you to engage customers throughout the delivery journey with automated and configurable alerts for any number of more than 19 unique shipment statuses. Customizable alerts ensure you are always in control of how your brand is presented to the customer.

Extend your Brand with Configurable Tracking and Notifications

Delivery spans the entire retail buyer journey. Standardized order and shipment tracking reduces confusion and streamlines the customer experience — allowing retailers to provide a consistent experience from start to finish.

Engage tracking pages provide retailers the flexibility to configure the consumer experience to their needs through:

  • Self-service tools to manage ad units
  • Consumer alert subscriptions and feedback collection
  • Display of proof of delivery images

Must-Haves for Package Tracking

Find out what elements you need to keep top-of-mind when rethinking your post-purchase customer experience.

What 96% of Shoppers Expect from Delivery Communications

From when to communicate to how, learn what communications consumers have come to expect from retail brands.

Reduce Transit Time with Self-Service Delivery Appointment Scheduling

More than 1/3 of all large-item home deliveries encounter significant scheduling issues. Get products into your customer’s hands faster and with fewer headaches by automating the appointment scheduling process.

Reserve, confirm and reschedule in as little as two clicks. Simple to implement and customized to carrier requirements to improve both delivery performance and brand experience.

Speed Time to Resolution with Centralized Shipment Details

Provide exceptional experience, even when deliveries go wrong by empowering support teams with all the information they need at their fingertips. Every shipment record is complete with a full record of shipment status updates, customer communications, and product details ensuring a single source of truth. Google-like search and filter capabilities ensure care teams can find and respond to customers instantly.

Voice of the Customer Feedback

Integrate customer feedback throughout delivery to help identify systemic issues and directly address customer concerns.

Language Localization & ADA Compliance

Meet the communication demands of your customers, regardless of language or accessibility needs.

Returns Pickup Scheduling

Large items need special returns handling and Convey provides tools to make it simple.

CRM Integrations

Deliver solutions that eliminate the need for agents to swivel-chair, by inserting delivery information into their existing workflow.

Post-Purchase Analytics

Understand how customers engage with your brand, how feedback varies by carrier or service level, and how your post-purchase experience is driving repeat visitors to your site.

Curious How Post-Purchase Communication Impacts Loyalty?

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