Make Bold Delivery Promises You Can Keep

Delivery date reliability matters. Half of your customers will abandon their cart due if delivery timeframes don’t meet their expectations.

Give your team a scalable solution for setting competitive delivery expectations across all merchandise categories. Estimates, fueled by AI and derived from project 44’s expansive retail delivery network power the most accurate pre-purchase delivery estimates available in-market today.

Drive Conversion with Earliest Delivery Date Merchandising for All Products

Convert makes competing with leaders like Amazon and Wayfair possible by inserting predictive delivery estimates early in the buyer’s journey. Driven by machine learning and based on more than 8B retail shipping events, Convert provides the accurate delivery estimates available to give you a leg up on the competition.

Enable In-Cart Delivery Appointment Scheduling

When purchasing large items online, shoppers are 162% more likely to convert if they are able to schedule their delivery at checkout. In-cart delivery appointment scheduling allows you to increase conversion by providing convenient scheduling options.

Instill delivery date confidence for large items with:

  • In-cart presentation of options from the earliest delivery date onward
  • Carrier confirmation of date and time
  • Appointment confirmation email

What Shoppers Want

Download our third annual consumer survey to find out how delivery date estimates impact buying decisions.

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YDesign Drives 20% NPS Improvement

Find out how online brand, YDesign drove improvements in both experience and cost by keeping delivery promises.

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Offer Choice While Controlling for Cost with Smart Delivery Merchandising

Convert can return multiple estimated delivery dates for different delivery service levels and fulfillment options to enable competitive merchandising — while maintaining the ability to select the most cost-concious fulfillment method. Machine learning driven estimates ensure you are able to present the most accurate delivery dates without the manual effort associated to maintaining a library of fulfillment rules.

Control the Experience with Flexible Deployment and Results

Convert is delivered to the consumer experience via API giving retailer the ability to control when, where and how delivery dates are presented. Your team is free to develop engaging, on-brand experiences that drive revenue – on any page and for any SKU.

Estimates at different confidence levels put you in control how aggressive you are willing to get to win business. Present more aggressive dates for your most competitive categories or more conservative predictions when competition isn’t a factor.

And so much more

Smart, Not Rules-Based
Estimated delivery dates driven by AI mean fewer errors and time saved – no need to constantly maintain complex fulfillment rules.
Configurable Risk Tolerances
The delivery dates you present can make or break a shoppers choice between you or the competition – take control and set your own competitive threshold.
No Fulfillment Data? No Problem
project 44’s experienced team can help you develop a fulfillment estimation model based on your unique requirements.
One Solution for All Merchandise Categories
Simplify your EDD strategy with a solution that supports all items, large and small across all delivery service levels.