Reduce cost and reveal hidden issues with prescriptive analytics and transportation insights


Reduce cost and reveal hidden issues with prescriptive analytics and transportation insights

Finally, Supply Chain Dashboards Built for the Last Mile

The #1 challenge to improving the customer delivery experience is the ability to quickly analyze disparate data. This process of preparing data alone can take 1-2 hours to complete. As a result, retail leaders struggle to impact delivery issues in real-time.

Discover is a business analysis tool built for the unique needs of the retail last mile – from cost to experience. Users gain access to real-time delivery network data to improve visibility and reduce effort by >10x.

Building your case for visibility?

Find out how Discover helped retailers identify unreported issues this holiday season.

Reveal Hidden Issues with Up to 17% of Customer Deliveries

Predictive insights make it easy to identify and triangulate the root cause of network issues. Configurable alerts notify you when shipments are are at-risk of missing customer expectations. AI-driven exception types reveal hidden issues impacting up to 17% of your shipments.

  1. See and get alerted to at risk shipments
  2. Evaluate the impact
  3. Investigate the root cause
  4. Take action to resolve issues

Identify Delays 33 Hours Earlier Than Your Carrier

What can you do with 33 hours? The growth of eCommerce of the past 10 years has proven what can happen when network congestion and weather combine to wreak havoc on the supply chain. Convey’s machine learning models predict missed estimated delivery dates up to 33 hours before a carrier update, if one ever comes. Convey flags shipments likely to miss their promise dates, EDDs, and stalls with with 96% precision across all risk levels.

Why Data is Key to Competing

The ability to solve bigger problems requires the ability to see and understand what is causing them. Learn more about how Convey’s Data Platform preps data for action.

Furniture Brand Improves Transit Time

Convey Discover helped a fast-growing furniture retailer increase on-time performance by 4.6% and reduce transit times by 2.3 days.

Fuel Action and Drive Performance with 30+ Configurable Reports

A suite of out-of-the-box and configurable reports answer the most pressing retail delivery questions in real-time and over-time. Understand performance relative to cost, speed, volume, carrier SLAs, customer impact, carrier data quality, feedback and more.

Built to enable rapid decision making, Discover allows you to:

  • Get ahead of customer experience issues
  • Adjust staffing decisions
  • Enforce carrier compliance
  • Improve your claims process
  • Identify problem geos and warehouse disruptions

Uncover Critical Opportunities that Add Up to Big Impact

Filter any report by the data that matters to your business. Are you trying to grow a specific product category? Are you being measured on NPS or CSAT? Is there a high priority customer segment or channel you are working to grow? Easily drill into your data to measure and support your team’s most strategic efforts. Understand performance by criteria such as customer segment, product sku, region, warehouse, direction , invoice data and more.

Machine Learning from 3.1B+ Events

Predictive insights fueled by more than 3.1B shipment events enable highly accurate early identification of issues

Advanced Decision Support

Intelligently classified data and robust, curated reports mean the information you need is always at the ready

Shipper Alerting to Real-Time Issues

Configurable alerts allow you to set conditions you want to be alerted about to take action right away

Cross-Team and Cross-Mode Visibility

Stop wasting time stitching together data from carrier tools, ERPs, CRMs, audit platforms, and more

Retail Last Mile Benchmarking

Last mile performance benchmarking enables you to see how your team compares to your peers in the industry

Accelerate Time‑to‑Value

Carrier coverage that encompasses over 99% of North American eCommerce volume ensures quick time to launch

Want to Guarantee Perfect Delivery?

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