The Delivery Experience Management Platform

Increase conversion and reduce cost-to-serve by guaranteeing the perfect order

Make Bold Promises You Can Keep

When 84% of shoppers won’t return after a poor delivery experience and the last mile represents more than 50% of all transportation costs, delivery can no longer be left to chance.

Delivery expectations impact the entire retail order lifecycle – from researching and comparing competitive products and brands up until the item is in your customer’s hands. Managing delivery and customer experience is critical for modern retailers and is key to driving lifetime value and reducing cost.

Convey’s Delivery Experience Management Platform (DEM) utilizes machine learning to optimize all steps of the buyers journey — from presenting competitive delivery dates pre-purchase through outcome-based shipment execution to shopper communication, exception management, and transportation analysis.


Reduce cost and reveal hidden issues with prescriptive analytics and transportation insights

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Drive revenue and win customers with intelligent pre-purchase estimated delivery dates (EDDs), available as early as the product detail page

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Reduce shipping spend without compromising speed or experience with the first intelligent TMS built for the retail last mile

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Drive loyalty and reduce WISMO calls with post-purchase customer experiences and proactive notifications for all methods of delivery

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Reduce cost-to-serve and improve efficiency with proactive carrier collaboration, real-time shipment visibility, and exception management

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Get the most out of your investment and extend the value of your delivery data by powering users and systems across your organization

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