Get the most out of your investment and extend the value of your delivery data by empowering users and systems across your organization


Get the most out of your investment and extend the value of your delivery data by empowering users and systems across your organization

Your Delivery Data Prepped And Ready For Your Team - Whenever, Wherever

Access to normalized, complete, and usable data is a top challenge for retailers trying to improve customer experience. Additionally, more and more team members from across the organization need access to delivery data to support their initiatives from improving the customer experience to reporting to reducing costs.

Extend makes empowering your internal users easy by doing the hard work of normalizing, enriching and preparing delivery data for use by your team. Extend works across modes and even identifies and corrects errors in the data from drop shippers and other partners while supporting both push and pull use cases.

The Case Against Spreadsheets

68% of supply chain and logistics leaders said that spreadsheets were their primary tool to pull delivery data together. Learn why it’s time to ditch them.

Built For Scale And Trusted By The World’s Largest Retailers

Convey follows an API-first development methodology. All Convey products operate using the same APIs available in Extend ensuring an extra layer of rigor to meet key metrics for uptime and performance. Extend APIs are trusted by 5 of the top 10 largest online retailers in the US.

Convey provides all Extend clients with a breadth of API documentation, JSON and technical support ensuring implementing our APIs is as easy as possible.

Drive NPS Through Advanced Delivery Communication, Wherever It’s Needed

Need to support delivery communication but want to control how and when it appears? Or simply want to reduce effort related to change management by keeping all communication records in a single place?

Extend’s tracking APIs allow you to easily populate tracking detail wherever you need it whether it’s on a branded tracking page, in email or SMS notifications or on My Account Pages. Push tracking or shipment information directly into your CRM or email service provider and use it to trigger advanced delivery communication streams.

Tap Into Your Supply Chain Ecosystem

Learn how the ConveyPLUS ecosystem can help you get delivery data into your team’s hands faster.

CRM + Tracking Data

Never before has it been easier to keep deliveries on track and keep customers happy.

Plan Better By Powering Advanced Performance Analysis

Become your analyst’s best friend by allowing them to skip the process of aggregating and normalizing data and get straight to mining for insights.

Extend APIs are frequently used in conjunction with BI and other analysis tools to power:

  • Carrier quarterly business reviews
  • Annual Planning
  • Product packaging and damage analysis
  • Consumer sentiment analysis

Recoup Every Dollar Owed By Fueling More Successful Transportation Claims

Make your transportation claims process more successful by utilizing Extend to kick off the claims process and enhance the data you have access to when documenting the proof of exceptions. Save time by having all the data you need to file your claims in a single place in addition to maintaining a record of backup for disputes.

Want To Learn More About What Delivery Data Can Do For Your Team?

Connect with a Convey Representative to discuss your questions about Convey’s shipping APIs or Convey Extend, or sign up for Convey’s next demo day now.