Delivery Date Reliability

Simplify your estimated delivery date strategy with machine-learning-driven data that supports any sized item across all delivery service levels.

Context-Aware Tracking

  • Order Placed

    Configure tracking page styling, modules, and actionability with awareness of delivery status.

  • Shipped

    Maintaining your brand voice while maximizing cross-sell opportunities.

  • Exception Detected

    Control the message when things don’t go as planned by crafting intelligent responses to the journey.

  • Delivered

    Gather customer sentiment when the delivery experience is fresh to provide optimal feedback for future success.

Smart Estimates

Put your most competitive foot forward and give consumers a reason to click ‘buy’ with configurable delivery estimate risk tolerances.

Better Together

And so much more

Flexible Deployment

Control when, where and how delivery dates are presented to your customers.

Cost-to-Speed Optimization

Present more aggressive dates for your most competitive categories or more conservative predictions when competition isn’t a factor.

Machine Learning Modeling

Segmented Offers

Configure marketing offers to display on the tracking page based on carrier or mode.

Configurable Risk Tolerance

Delivery date options are increasingly more competitive due to heightened consumer demands – set your own competitive threshold based on your preferred risk tolerance.

Simple Tracking Management

Keep your post-purchase marketing offers up to date with easy to use content management tools.

“With Convey, we’ve got a unified experience that feels like it’s all coming from UncommonGoods regardless of carrier. We see the delivery date as a promise, and the Convey platform is key to us being able to be keep it.”

MC Halfpenny Director of Operations
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“We saw results almost immediately in cost savings and efficiency gains that make Convey a critical element of keeping our delivery promises. Our internal care team is happier and more productive due to Convey.”

Seth Goldman CEO of UrbanStems
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“Knowing that our customer service team has greater visibility into tracking details, and that our customers have a positive delivery experience aligned with our brand promise is exciting.”

Wayne MacGregor Director of Logistics
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“Convey offered a streamlined solution that we could basically plug and play while integrating very easily with our WMS, resulting in a near-instant, immense improvement in end-to-end delivery visibility, coupled with great reporting.”

Julia Babina SVP, Operations & Customer Experience
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