Consolidated Delivery Performance

Reduce the time spent compiling data across disparate systems. Gain a network-wide view of delivery performance across every shipment and every order, in near real-time.

Predictive Insights

Enable your customer care team to streamline operations and produce quality customer experiences by arming users with insight beyond what’s available in carrier-provided tracking data.

Streamlined Workflows

Simplify the way your team collaborates and finds delivery information to minimize “where’s my order” calls, speed time-to-resolution, and reduce disposition times.

Better Together

And so much more

Actionable Insights

Proactively surface performance insights that give you the visibility to drive improvements in planning and operations in real-time.

Push & Pull API

Leverage project 44’s normalized carrier data to power your transportation and logistics strategy and enrich business intelligence dashboards.

Automatic Case Creation

Automatically open cases with carriers on high impact issues speeding time to resolution and minimizing effort.

Carrier Connectivity

Easily connect with any carrier to stay updated on all orders at every delivery milestone. Keeping operations moving and customers informed.

Centralized Reporting

Access to actionable last mile performance reporting all within one, easy to use platform.

Transparent Collaboration

Go beyond standardized data and fixed reports. project 44 enables carriers and shippers to collaborate in a single view.

“With Convey, we’ve got a unified experience that feels like it’s all coming from UncommonGoods regardless of carrier. We see the delivery date as a promise, and the Convey platform is key to us being able to be keep it.”

MC Halfpenny Director of Operations
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“We saw results almost immediately in cost savings and efficiency gains that make Convey a critical element of keeping our delivery promises. Our internal care team is happier and more productive due to Convey.”

Seth Goldman CEO of UrbanStems
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“Knowing that our customer service team has greater visibility into tracking details, and that our customers have a positive delivery experience aligned with our brand promise is exciting.”

Wayne MacGregor Director of Logistics
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“Convey offered a streamlined solution that we could basically plug and play while integrating very easily with our WMS, resulting in a near-instant, immense improvement in end-to-end delivery visibility, coupled with great reporting.”

Julia Babina SVP, Operations & Customer Experience
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