Building up Manhattan Momentum

The Diplomat | Booth #1 | Hollywood, Florida | May 21-24, 2018
Convey team at Manhattan Momentum 2018

Convey team at Manhattan Momentum 2018

Manhattan Momentum is almost here! Whether you’re looking for new, innovative ways to meet your supply chain needs, or you’re trying to connect with other experts and industry influencers in your field, Manhattan Momentum has you covered.

On May 21-24, join us in Hollywood, Florida to see what all the buzz is about around digital technology. To get ready, check out our most anticipated sessions.

Day 1 | May 21

Supply Chain Intelligence Product Council

Speaker: Chris Clark, Product Management Director (Manhattan Associates)
1:00 PM, Product Council 

Product Councils are customer-led groups that shape the strategy and development of the solutions you use every day. Get involved in this session to help influence the future of Manhattan’s supply chain solutions.

Transportation Management Product Council

Speaker: Gregg Lanyard, Director, Product Management (Manhattan Associates)
3:15 PM, Product Council
Join Manhattan’s Product Council for Transportation Management, and take an active role in their strategy and development to influence their solution in the future.


Day 2 | May 22

Impact of Emerging Technologies on Supply Chain Management

Speaker: Dwight Klappich, Research Vice President (Gartner, Inc.)
10:30 AM, Manhattan Active™ Supply Chain: WMOS Track

This session will focus on the growing influence of emerging technologies like digital, cloud, artificial intelligence and robotic. Attend to get insights into how leading-edge Supply Chain Management organization stay ahead of the pack and leverage the strategic roles of technology and logistics in their organizations.

Carrier Update & Outlook

Speaker: Orin Wilcox, Director, Support Consulting (Manhattan Associates)
1:30 PM, Manhattan Active™ Supply Chain: Manhattan Carrier™

Join Manhattan’s Carrier team to learn about new features and capabilities in Manhattan Carrier 2018. Orin will discuss the changes with other users and see how they will benefit your company.

Supply Chain Intelligence Update and Outlook

Speaker: Chris Clark
1:30 PM, Visibility & Insight

This session will highlight new capabilities built into the latest version of SCI. Come hear about the new and expanded SCI reporting frameworks, and learn how they can help you make better decisions. SCI visualizations are now powered by RAVE2, a significantly improved reporting engine offered as part of Cognos 11. In this session, you’ll get to see some reimagined examples of base content using new capabilities and techniques.

Using the Cloud to Win Against

Speaker: David Johnson, Director of Business Transformation (Oracle Corporation)
4:10 PM, Technology & Platform

Come hear Manhattan and Oracle share how leading retailers are using “Warehouse-in-the-Cloud” to become nimbler, reduce operating expenses, and create a better foundation to compete with  Using real world case studies, we will demonstrate the how companies are leveraging cloud technologies to run Manhattan Warehouse Management Open Systems for a competitive advantage.

Day 3 | May 23

Optimizing the Edge: Leveraging new technologies to improve productivity and operational visibility

Speaker: Mark Wheeler, Director Supply Chain Solutions (Zebra Technologies, Inc.)
8:30 AM,  Technology & Platform 

There are exciting new tools available for the warehouse and retail floor that leverage sensors and analytics to make operations more visible and manageable.  Learn how touch optimized rugged devices, new android wearables, location technology, and IoT solutions drive operational improvement and rapid return on investment.

Planning Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Optimization; how do they all work together?

Speaker: Chris Nystrom, NA Sales Tech Leader for Cloud and Analytics (IBM)
9:35 AM, Visibility & Insight

Learn how IBM is helping their partners and customers deliver value by becoming a data driven business. In this session, we explore how IBM Analytics can help you Grow revenue, Reduce cost, Mitigate risk and Innovate through the deployment of technologies within the Analytics Cycle.

The science behind Adaptive Network Fulfillment – real-time fulfillment optimization engineered for omnichannel

Speaker: Aykagan Ak, Director, Science and R&D (Manhattan Associates)
11:30 AM, Manhattan Active™ Omni

​What does it take to analyze and optimize at the level of complexity required to solve the big omnichannel issues of retailers today? Learn how data scientists and mathematicians at Manhattan Associates pushing the boundaries of what systems can do today and eventually learn on their own to do better in the future.​

Big Data – Big Hype or Big Value?

Speaker: Chris Clark, Product Management Director (Manhattan Associates)
2:00 PM, Visibility & Insight 

What is Big Data? Is it just another buzz word? What does it have to do with the supply chain? This session will provide you with answers and help you come up with some Big Ideas!


You can find the full Manhattan Momentum agenda here.