Solving Satisfaction: Keys to Reducing Online Returns Anxieties

Our Returns research reveals what factors keep shoppers from satisfaction in the online returns experience

Retailers are making it easier than ever before to buy items online through online subscriptions and one-click purchasing, resulting in skyrocketing e-commerce sales and returns. Still, 70.4% of shoppers report that the online returns process leaves them feeling anxious about where their orders are, and
when exactly they are going to get their money back.

When ⅔ of shoppers (65.1%) are not likely to make another purchase from a retailer if they have a poor returns experience, the stakes are extremely high for retailers. Download our returns research to learn what 1,500 shoppers said gave them returns anxiety, as well as how retailers can simplify and improve online returns in the future.

Returns Research: Keys to Reducing Online Returns Anxieties