Proactive Communication

Drive satisfaction by collaborating with carriers to resolve shipment issues and updating customers before they ask

Carrier Collaboration

Eliminate out of band activities, track and initiate all communication from the same page where all the order and shipping information exists. Convey supports single-click ability to request an update, open a case, reroute, report lost packages, and more.

Alert Management

Preview customer alert templates and control what automated alerts they will receive. Provide an enhanced experience by sharing specific issues in email or sms without requiring a tracking page visit.

Shipping Exception Resolution Toggles

Subscription Management

Manage your alert subscriptions from within the our app. See what contacts are set up to receive alerts and add or remove subscriptions.

Communication History

Understand the communication history related to any given shipment. See the feedback and responses customers share in addition to any automated or custom alerts they’ve been sent.

Internal Subscriptions

Subscribe to alerts customized for internal users and vendors. Know immediately when updates are made or the status of a shipment changes. Manage issues as they occur and alert your vendors about returns.

75% of customers believe proactive communication about shipment status is important. We can help.

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