Reduce shipping spend without compromising speed or experience with the first intelligent TMS built for the retail last mile


Reduce shipping spend without compromising speed or experience with the first intelligent TMS built for the retail last mile

Don’t Let Your Old Routing Guide Cost You Millions

eCommerce supply chain spend is rising rapidly with the last mile representing more than 50% of transportation costs. Success means retailers must be able to balance rising costs with demands for speed and improvements in customer experience — but without the resources and scale leaders like Amazon have.

Convey Initiate is a robust last-mile TMS that automatically decisions and dispatches the ideal carrier for the job across all modes, service levels and fulfillment models.

Spend 20% Less on the Last-Mile

Learn how drives 100% dropshipper compliance and recovered 20% of their annual freight spend.

Optimize Transportation Spend with Dynamic, Multi-Mode Rate Shopping

Cross mode support for parcel, LTL, and white glove gives you the flexibility to more intelligently execute shipments by considering all your fulfillment options for parcel, freight or the gray area in between.

Compare and identify the ideal rates, modes and service levels for any shipment across all your carriers. Execute and schedule shipments automatically via API, PO Ingestion, or manual input. Decision and dispatch the right carrier every time based on performance history, product details, and customer requirements.

Power Outcome-Driven Transportation Management with Machine Learning

Optimize for outcomes and ensure you always choose the best carrier for the job, with the optimal selection for your desired balance of cost, speed and customer experience.

Initiate’s advanced decisioning logic optimizes for results, considering factors including current network conditions and quotes, past product and carrier performance, customer history and requirements. Machine learning means the platform is constantly learning from the performance of past shipments to ensure you deliver the best experience for the least cost.

Improve Efficiency by 5x

Find out why increasing last mile complexity means it’s time to throw out the routing guide and become more dynamic.

Optimize Carrier Relationships

Learn how to optimize your carrier RFPs based on a data set of over 300 million shipments.

Reduce Costs by Enforcing 100% Dropship Vendor Compliance

Standardize and improve the way you work with dropshippers on your bill-to. Create 100% compliance, automate shipment creation, manage SLAs, and enforce weight and classification accuracy at scale.

Dynamically generated shipping documentation saves time and ensures accuracy. Flexible pickup scheduling options make accommodating vendors needs easy while ensuring the ideal carrier is selected every time. Compliance reporting helps you identify top offenders so that you can address the issue at the source. Identify missing data, incorrect bookings, and even packaging failures that impact your customer experience.

Minimize Spend and Simplify the Returns Process

Consumer returns have grown exponentially, taking a toll on eCommerce margins and shipments are more often booked with the most convenient carrier rather than the cost optimized solution. Initiate simplifies the returns execution process to drive more efficient reverse logistics programs.

Initiate makes generating and scheduling these shipments easy and cost effective by optimizing the return carrier selection, automatically generating print-ready labels and BOLs with consumer-friendly instructions, and powering easy consumer facing pickup scheduling.

Label Generation

Automatically generate print-ready labels and BOLs with consumer-friendly instructions for returns

Load Consolidation

Support multi-leg shipping to reduce cost and increase speed to meet consumer demands.

Flexible Implementation

Designed for scale, large retailers optimize their transportation networks entirely via API while the online portal is utilized for returns or other small volume batches.

Pickup Scheduling

Flexible options including API, CSV, EDI and an easy-to-use form within our online portal make scheduling pickups a breeze.

Network Modeling

Access to reporting and what-if analysis to identify network opportunities based on historical performance and even fulfillment options outside your network.

Self-Serve Configurability

A self-service interface gives you the ability to control and refine your decisioning rules.

Want To Learn How Much A Last Mile TMS Can Save You?

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