Realize the full potential of your carrier network – without the hassle.

The solution has helped get products to consumers faster through optimized shipping decision execution and extraordinary delivery communications.

Marshal Downey, Director of Direct Marketing,

Dynamic Delivery Options

Offer the right delivery service options, provide transparency, and set reasonable expectations at margins that make sense.

eCommerce Shipping Options for Parcel White Glove and Freight

Shipping Rules Engine

Decide how an item gets to the customer (and at what cost) based on rules related to order information, customer value, and carrier performance.

Shipping Business Rules for Personalized Delivery

Intelligent Shipment Decisioning

Compare rates, modes and service levels in real time across all carriers.

Parcel and Freight Carrier Integrations

Customer-Initiated Returns

Unified returns for both parcel and freight. Reduce the number of touchpoints required to initiate and schedule a large-item return while giving customers the flexibility to define pick up windows.

Parcel and Freight Customer Returns


  • Reduced cost & improved margins
  • Faster deliveries & fewer damages
  • Reduced customer effort


  • Cloud-based applications can be deployed in as little as 2 weeks
  • Mode & carrier agnostic
  • All data is easily accessible via API

⅔ of shoppers will choose to shop with a retailer based on the availability of delivery options.

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