We're hiring! Join the Convey team and help us build something great.


We're hiring! Join the Convey team and help us build something great.

What We Do

Convey is the first outcome-oriented supply chain management technology. We provide businesses worldwide unmatched visibility into shipping and delivery and the tools to take action from international point of origin to final destination. Our clients include the world’s largest businesses spanning retail, manufacturing, and logistics services and all share in our vision for a future where supply chains are dynamic, agile and data-driven. We believe that one day every shipment in the world will be captured, analyzed & enhanced by our platform, creating better decisions and outcomes for both senders and recipients.


Our Values

Relentlessly Pursue Customer Value

  • We seek first to create and verify customer value.
  • We have a pulse on customer sentiment at all times.
  • We engage our customers in a way that makes them love not just our product but our people and approach.

Thrive on Pioneering New Ideas

  • We have the courage to experiment and take risks through unconventional approaches.
  • We apply modern technology to unlock business value and eliminate pain.
  • We are fearless innovators and seek to displace legacy methods.

Do It the
Right Way

  • We embrace and invest in our employees, investors, and customers for the long term success of the business.
  • We exhibit a character that makes us the employer, partner, and vendor of choice.
  • We hire smart people who imagine being here and thus take ownership for completing their work to a high standard.
  • We solve problems through an enterprise-grade requirements lens. You can hack it or do it the right way. We choose the right way.

Operate With Transparency

  • We communicate frequently and with openness, regardless if the content is positive or negative.
  • We believe our team (employees, investors) should understand, at any point in time, the health of the business and leadership’s view of current state and outlook.
  • We proactively communicate our expectations of each other, of our customers, of our suppliers and share & solicit honest feedback.
  • We are not afraid to have hard conversations and also not afraid to praise someone when they’ve done something great.


Conveying Change


We are a team committed to self-improvement and providing the resources needed for everyone to excel. Initiatives that we are specifically devoting our time to in 2021:

  • Continued Education & Training
  • Recruiting
    Our mission is to identify and remove potential biases in sourcing, screening, and shortlisting qualified, diverse candidates that may be ignored, turned off, or accidentally discriminated against in our process.

    • Identify and work with agencies that specialize in Diversity Hiring.
    • Creating and honoring salary ranges rather than basing pay off previous salaries.
    • Mandating all interviewers attend the Unconscious Bias training.


Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) journey is not one we intend to adventure on alone. By working with other companies and organizations, we look to expose ourselves to a diverse set of opinions and approaches to DEI. We also aim to support and work with vendors who exhibit DEI principles and will challenge us to uphold ourselves to our commitments.

  • Pairing and collaborating with similar organizations around our DEI efforts
  • Conducting business with vendors and clients who exhibit DEI values

  • Employer Member


We are committed to helping our community and lifting up those around us! Headquartered in Austin, we love to partner with local organizations that have an impact directly on the community around us. In the past, we have contributed to Amplify Austin, SAFE Alliance, Central Texas Food Bank, and many more to come in the future.


Working at Convey

Why We Love It Here

Here at Convey, we are encouraged to try new ideas and own our work! We work alongside passionate people who genuinely believe in the vision, the company, and the platform we created. Sure, we have company paid lunches, great benefits, and an unparalleled work-life balance, but the reason we stay committed is that we truly are a team that works for a company that we believe in and even our customers love!

Our Culture

Convey is nothing without the team behind it! While we all come from vastly different backgrounds and experiences, together we work hard, learn from each other and celebrate our wins.



In addition to an open, collaborative environment, we believe that happy, healthy employees truly make a company successful!

Unlimited PTO

Remote friendly culture

Work from home stipend

100% employer medical, dental, and vision

Competitive compensation and bonus packages

Volunteer and outreach events

Health and wellness stipend

Employee-led DEI committee

Stock options

Parental leave


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