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Austin logistics startup Convey lands millions to break into new markets

Austin-based Convey, which makes software to help online retailers with shipping logistics, has raised $8.25 million to break into new markets.

Convey received the funding from Techstars Venture Capital Fund, RPM Ventures and other investors. The latest round brings the company’s total funding to $15.75 million.
The company has focused on changing the way online retailers handle deliveries. It says its software makes it easier for customers to track orders and communicate with retailers, while providing retailers with information they need to solve potential problems before they happen.

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Top CEOs on Culture and Leadership

How deeply an executive thinks about culture and leadership influences my assigned probabilities for a company’s success. As a banker, a board member, on the executive team, and now a mentor to startups, there are several tells — some more reliable than others — and attention to leadership and culture is an important one. Check out what 6 CEOs, including Rob Taylor of Convey, have to say about how culture powers performance.

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Here Are The 2016 50 on Fire Winners

The 50 on Fire competition started with hundreds of nominees, which was trimmed to 150 fast-climbing people and companies. A few weeks later, a batch of 22 of Austin’s most accomplished innovators analyzed them all and picked 50 of the hottest Austin tech startups and entrepreneurs.

Now, here’s a list of the winners of 50 on Fire.

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8 Austin Tech Leaders Offer Advice for Finding a Startup Mentor

Finding a mentor can be a tricky step in the launch of a new business, and it's one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Just like personal relationships, the mentor/mentee partnership requires a balance of respect, care, honesty and trust.

A mentor at Techstars, Rob Taylor has been the first employee of seven startups over the past 20 years, filling just about every early stage role. He specializes in architecting and guiding a company's early development to minimize risk and maximize the chance of figuring it out.

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150+ Companies Attacking The Supply Chain & Logistics Space

Supply chain and logistics tech companies have seen funding go up significantly over the past few years as the category gains momentum. Smart money VCs and corporate venture arms are both participating in the space, and full-year run-rate projections estimate over $5B will be invested across 315 deals in 2016, representing annual highs for both deals and dollars.

The CB Insights database was used to create a market map of supply chain and logistics private technology companies attacking the space.

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What Would Happen If Amazon Bought eBay?

Let's be clear for a moment. If Amazon wanted to buy eBay, it would have not one, not two, but three fights on its hands before even contemplating the purchase. Still, Amazon's market capitalisation stands at almost 10 times that of eBay at the time of writing, having seen its share price grown by more than 23 times over the past decade.

We asked three industry experts about their views on the potentiality of such a deal and its impact.

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Commentary: UPS Shipping Price Rate Hikes

On Sept. 1, UPS announced that the UPS U.S. Ground service daily rate will increase by an average net 4.9%. Additionally, UPS Freight announced an average net 4.9% general rate increase.

The most important part of this story isn’t that rates are rising. Rather, retailers need to become more effective at managing a larger network of carriers to save money, offer customers more options, and deliver a better customer experience. This focus on optimization is especially important for sellers of large-items and those items that can ship in various modes (i.e. Parcel or LTL).

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E-mail Monthly Delivery Digest, August 2016

This month, we tackle some of delivery’s unsolved mysteries, such as why tiny items, such as socks, come in huge packages. We’ll also dive deep into the intricacies of freight, and how to distinguish the delivery experience for these customers.

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Silverton Partners, Capital Factory pump $4.5M into Austin software maker

Convey Inc., a shipping rate comparison provider, announced that it has completed a $4.5 million Series A round of funding. Investors included Silverton Partners, Techstars Ventures, the Capital Factory and Corsa Ventures. The Austin company that changed its name from Pivot Freight Inc. plans to invest the capital in its engineering work.

In early 2015, Convey enlisted as its CEO Rob Taylor, who was previously one of the founding executives of California-based TrueCar Inc. (Nasdaq: TRUE) and Austin-based BlackLocus Inc., which was acquired by Home Depot Inc. (NYSE: HD) in late 2012.

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Building Java-based Docker services Starting with Git and a Dockerfile

As anyone working at a startup will tell you, it is critical to focus on what really matters: creating the right product at the right time that customers find great value in. While you need to have a vision for the company, the long-term business and engineering execution have to be flexible.

This post details our initial approach to building Java-based Docker services with nothing else than Git and a Dockerfile. Building refers to going from a Git repository to a Docker image ready to be pushed and deployed.

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