Supply Chain Visibility

Infographic: Navigating Peak Season Delivery Obstacles

Peak season 2018 brought retailers their highest sales -- and delivery issues -- yet. See what consumers expect during the holidays, and how top retailers navigated through treacherous obstacles to create seamless delivery while keeping shipping costs low.

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Retail TouchPoints 2019 Retail Customer Engagement Awards

In its 4th Annual Retail Customer Engagement Awards, Retail TouchPoints recognizes 10 retail companies that are taking innovative approaches to engage digitally demanding shoppers across channels. Read the report to see the winners of customer experience this year.

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Convey’s Top 7 Supply Chain Blogs of 2018

Between headlines of acquisitions, the retail apocalypse, Amazon, and increased carrier rates, 2018 was a busy year for supply chain. As Convey counts down to 2019, we're counting down our top supply chain blogs of 2018.

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The Saga of WISMO: Actionable Visibility Reduces WISMO

Carrie, Larry, Steve, and Diana all band together to find the source of WISMO, but have no visibility into the problem to drive action. When they get locked in a dark room and WISMOs start crawling through, they must find the true solution to solve the pain.

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Infographic: Millennial Myth Debunked

Lazy. Narcissistic. Reliant on instant gratification. The negative stereotypes pitted against Millennials seem to go on for miles, leaving shippers and retailers unsure how to satisfy these enigmatic consumers.

In our survey of 1,500 shoppers, we analyzed Millennial consumer behavior and delivery preferences -- are they retail killers, or is it all just a myth?

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The Saga of WISMO: Late Peak Season Shipments Plague Customer Care

Now that Black Friday has come and gone, the Customer Care team is busy fielding calls from customers about late peak season shipments. Throughout the day, she keeps hearing that EDDs are moving back, and shipments seem to be stuck in Chicago. When the Head of Customer Care gets a mysterious email from her CEO saying that the same issue is happening to a VIP shopper, she demands to find some answers.

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