Supply Chain Visibility

The Countdown to eft’s D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit

The D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit brings together over 400+ supply chain executives to solve the most crucial supply chain challenges and opportunities affecting the industry today. With so many great sessions to see, read to find out our most anticipated sessions for the show.

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Gearing up for NASSTRAC Shippers Conference

NASSTRAC's 2018 Annual Shippers Conference & Transportation Expo is right around the corner. Be sure to check out our session during the show: Rob Taylor, Convey's CEO, is discussing what defines a customer-centric supply chain strategy and how human, process, and technology considerations factor in to increase competitive advantages.

With so many great sessions to see, we picked out a few must see sessions for our Nasstrac Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo agenda.

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“Everything came together painlessly.”

“There were 'no surprises' during the implementation. Everything came together painlessly. That is almost unheard of during technology implementations. We are very NPS [Net Promoter Score] driven and we follow up on any NPS detractor. Without a doubt, our number-one complaint has been with delivery. People get angry when their products don't get there on time. The Convey solution provides automated, intelligent delivery choices that optimize the overall decision each time. The solution has helped get products to consumers faster through optimized shipping decision execution and extraordinary delivery communications.”

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End-to-end visibility is the future of the construction supply chain

When it comes to the construction supply chain, optimization is key. Homes and other structures can’t be built without the right tools, and neither can the supply chain in the construction materials and building supplies sector. The transportation, distribution, and logistics segments of the sector must embrace technology to shore up efficiency.

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How Amazon is impacting medical device supply chain visibility

It’s a stark reality: The Amazon effect on consumer markets is rapidly trickling over into the operations of other legacy industries. More specifically, within the medical device industry, the rising delivery expectations of consumers has led to increased pressure for professionals to more actively manage their supply chains and deliver better experiences to their own customers. This effect is compelling both medical device manufacturers and logistics companies to quickly change their ways. Read this blog to learn more about key challenges to supply chain visibility for medical device manufacturers.

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Prepping for peak: A delivery action guide for retail

Ensure the best customer delivery experience every time. Download our action guide to learn how to identify common retail shipping exceptions, know when and how to react, and fill in a worksheet to personalize the action plan to your organization.

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Dealing with Harvey: A story of visibility and exception management

Last week, Gulf Coast residents and businesses have courageously endured through the unprecedented wind and rain brought by Hurricane Harvey. Carriers all over the world have also begun to feel its impact. With over 50 inches of rain in Houston, refineries are flooded, pipelines are shut off, ports have closed, and trucking has come to a halt. The sun has finally come out, but many areas remain flooded. Even where the water has receded, significant flood damage has rendered infrastructure unusable.

We analyzed our exceptions data since Harvey reached land in order to help shippers better understand how Hurricane Harvey will affect them. We found not only a large effect in Texas, but significant impacts many states away.

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