Supply Chain Optimization

Top 13 Sessions to Attend at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Conference

With technology disruption blazing through the headlines, Convey is excited to head to the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, where experts will discuss how to transform supply chain disruption into an advantage. During the show, be sure to not miss Rob Taylor, Convey's CEO, speak on reorganizing the post-purchase supply chain to achieve success with consumers.

With so many inspiring speakers, check out our top 13 sessions at the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference.

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The Countdown to eft’s D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit

The D3 Retail Supply Chain Summit brings together over 400+ supply chain executives to solve the most crucial supply chain challenges and opportunities affecting the industry today. With so many great sessions to see, read to find out our most anticipated sessions for the show.

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Gearing up for NASSTRAC Shippers Conference

NASSTRAC's 2018 Annual Shippers Conference & Transportation Expo is right around the corner. Be sure to check out our session during the show: Rob Taylor, Convey's CEO, is discussing what defines a customer-centric supply chain strategy and how human, process, and technology considerations factor in to increase competitive advantages.

With so many great sessions to see, we picked out a few must see sessions for our Nasstrac Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo agenda.

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10 Sessions to Not Miss on the Home Delivery World Agenda

If you're looking for a show that brings together innovators and solutions for last mile operations challenges, Home Delivery World has it covered. In addition to our session with Chris Richter and La-Z-Boy's Kim Ballewske, be sure to look out for the sessions on our ultimate Home Delivery World agenda.

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CommerceHub Announces Convey Partnership, Enhanced Delivery CX

CommerceHub, Inc. and Convey, Inc. announced a strategic partnership, combining CommerceHub's leading drop-ship technology with an offering of Convey's active delivery management solution. The joint offering will provide CommerceHub’s omnichannel retail clients with exceptional last-mile delivery experience, especially for large-item delivery.

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Customer Experience Now A Top Priority in Supply Chain Operations

Convey, the leading customer-centric delivery platform, and eft Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence announced the results of a retail study examining the importance of customer experience (CX) in final-mile delivery, and the impact of CX on supply chain performance and decision-making.

The report also includes expert commentary from Willis Weirich of Neiman Marcus, Kevin Scott of, Joseph Bobko of Boxed Wholesale, and Jim Hourigan of BuildDirect on how they approach the challenges and opportunities of digital disruption in today’s retail supply chain operations.

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Everyone Struggles With Supply Chain Management

Optimizing the supply chain is a challenge — for some, more than others. Analysts say that corporate investment in cloud-based supply chain management tools will witness massive growth over the next few years, and businesses could potentially save billions by more efficient supply chain management.

New research from Convey and eft Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence concluded that the customer experience is becoming of far greater importance than it was in the past for supply chain professionals. 70% of supply chain professionals target better decision-making on in-transit issues.

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Amazon increasingly wants to be its own deliveryman

Amazon isn't content just being the everything store. Increasingly, it looks like it wants to be its own deliveryman, too. Its Monday announcement of a new air cargo hub in Kentucky is merely Amazon's latest foray into building out its own shipping and logistics unit. The move could ultimately mean lower costs for Amazon — and faster delivery and low prices for consumers. But it could also pit Amazon against FedEx and UPS.

You could see a scenario in the future where they perfected their delivery network and become a carrier for other retailers, said Rob Taylor, CEO of Convey.

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Tactics that Make or Break the Home Delivery Appointment

The majority of big item home deliveries require a delivery appointment, whether that’s a curbside, threshold or white glove service selected by the customer. This part of the delivery experience is one of the most prone to failure, with carriers struggling to connect with customers, and shipments consigned at destination terminals, racking up costs and inefficiencies. Customers expect a better experience and retailers must deliver it.

Technology has a role to play in providing a positive customer experience, but what that looks like is still evolving.

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