Reverse Logistics

Shining a Light on Communication in the Returns Process

With a rise in returned online purchases comes increased anxiety over the returns process itself -- almost 70% said that returning an item they bought online makes them anxious. Uncover the sources causing their anxieties, and discover what factor will make consumers 41% more likely to make another purchase.

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Convey Debuts Self-Service Portal for Large-Item Returns

Convey, the leading customer-centric delivery platform, announced a new self-service customer portal that makes it easier for shoppers to request and schedule pick-up of large-item returns online. The new features are part of Convey’s Initiate hosted shipment execution tool that helps retailers dynamically optimize carrier selection and process return requests more efficiently. Living Direct has already seen a 34% average cost savings on freight returns using Convey’s Initiate solution. The company hopes to achieve even greater efficiencies with Convey’s new customer-facing tools.

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Living Direct Improves CX, Returns Efficiency with Convey

As an exclusively eCommerce home appliances retailer, Living Direct relies on superior customer experiences to differentiate from competition. Improving the customer experience is key to their goal of making shopping for large items online easy. The delivery and returns experience was identified as in need of attention, and returning large items was equally as cumbersome.

Using Convey, Living Direct has already seen the percent of shipments handled by a single carrier shift by as much as 76% over the course of the last 6 months.

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How Free Returns on Online Purchases are Crippling Retailers

Americans return more than $260 billion in goods each year, according to data provided by Optoro. Holiday gift-giving means there will be plenty of holiday returns. While shoppers used to head back to stores to exchange presents, many will be sending their returns back the way they were purchased: through e-commerce channels.

E-commerce has made it easy for consumers to be indecisive without financial consequence -- for the shopper. For retailers, it is a different story. Free shipping and returns aren't just about the cost of getting things from one place to another.

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Return to Sender: Omnichannel’s Pervasiveness Requires an Efficient Strategy for Processing Returns

A January 2016 report by technology research and advisory firm Gartner said retailers are sitting on a “ticking time bomb” due to historical underinvestment in returns management and the rising rate of returns. Today’s returns require a reverse logistics strategy that works from the consumer all the way back to the manufacturer.

Omnichannel retail has not only increased the number of returns but complicated the process, with more returns coming from more channels. Retailers need a high level of visibility into how returns move through the system.

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