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Delivery Expectations of the Online Power Shopper

With peak season deliveries shattering record numbers, 4 out of 10 shoppers are planning on doing the majority of their shopping online during the holidays. In order to accommodate these power shoppers’ delivery demands, it’s necessary to get into their heads.

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A Lifetime of Delivery Expectations

In a world where "fast" and "free" are commonplace, traditional delivery expectations are rapidly evolving. Millennials growing up in the digital era expect relevant shipping options, and shoppers of all ages have high expectations for delivery. Retailers must know their target customer and be ready to accommodate their delivery expectations to keep them a customer for life.

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The Modern Customer Delivery Imperative

In order to find out customers' delivery demands during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year, we surveyed 3,000 people in two surveys. While we sought to identify the when, what, and why of consumer expectations, we found that consumers have three main asks for retailers: show them commitment, communication, and give them more control.

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Communication 101: Successful Shopper-Retailer Relationships

The retailer-shopper relationship is a powerful bond -- shoppers are 73% more likely to return if they have a positive delivery experience -- but yet these relationships often fail. Like any great relationship, the primary key to success is to communicate actively and often. Read on to learn how. Read on to learn how shoppers want retailers to communicate with them.

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September 2017 Delivery Digest

This September, delivery headlines focused on who could get the closest to beating Amazon at its own game. In a tight race where Amazon, Walmart, and Target are making big acquisitions to improve offerings and final mile delivery, it is clear that customers will be the judges (and hopefully the winners!) of a busy peak season.

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Diagnosing Delivery for Pharmaceuticals

With major pharmaceutical companies losing millions of dollars a year to spoiled inventory and regulatory fines, it is more important than ever to find effective biopharma shipping and cold-chain solutions. To protect your brand and your consumers in complex supply chains with multiple layers of distribution and disruption, the only way to ensure safety is visibility from production to ingestion.

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Prepping for peak: A delivery action guide for retail

Ensure the best customer delivery experience every time. Download our action guide to learn how to identify common retail shipping exceptions, know when and how to react, and fill in a worksheet to personalize the action plan to your organization.

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Dealing with Harvey: A story of visibility and exception management

Last week, Gulf Coast residents and businesses have courageously endured through the unprecedented wind and rain brought by Hurricane Harvey. Carriers all over the world have also begun to feel its impact. With over 50 inches of rain in Houston, refineries are flooded, pipelines are shut off, ports have closed, and trucking has come to a halt. The sun has finally come out, but many areas remain flooded. Even where the water has receded, significant flood damage has rendered infrastructure unusable.

We analyzed our exceptions data since Harvey reached land in order to help shippers better understand how Hurricane Harvey will affect them. We found not only a large effect in Texas, but significant impacts many states away.

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Calculator: How many outcomes could you impact with Convey?

Convey products exist to create better outcomes. To create better outcomes one must first know where issues are occurring and how frequently.

We’ve found that most shippers we speak to understand the need to improve the delivery experience but most don’t have the visibility to know exactly how many issues are occurring or even what is causing them. To help shine a light on this information gap, we’ve created this issues calculator to help estimate the type and quantity of exceptions you’re likely experiencing.

Simply plug in your annual parcel and freight shipment volume and we will estimate your most common issues based on what we've seen across our clients.

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Customer Experience Now A Top Priority in Supply Chain Operations

Convey, the leading customer-centric delivery platform, and eft Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence announced the results of a retail study examining the importance of customer experience (CX) in final-mile delivery, and the impact of CX on supply chain performance and decision-making.

The report also includes expert commentary from Willis Weirich of Neiman Marcus, Kevin Scott of, Joseph Bobko of Boxed Wholesale, and Jim Hourigan of BuildDirect on how they approach the challenges and opportunities of digital disruption in today’s retail supply chain operations.

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