Customer Service Management

UncommonGoods Takes Proactive Steps To Meet Delivery Date Promises

Late deliveries are the classic lose-lose for both retailers and their customers. They are particularly painful during the holiday season, when the calendar creates a drop-dead deadline and shipping volumes balloon. UncommonGoods took steps to deal with this challenge well ahead of the holiday season. For Father’s Day 2017, the retailer used a delivery intelligence platform from Convey to proactively identify shipments that were going to miss their promised delivery dates — days ahead of the actual deadline. UncommonGoods used this information to expedite new shipments guaranteed to arrive at their destinations on time. Meanwhile, existing in-transit shipments were intercepted by the carrier and returned to the warehouse. Read more...

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Proactive Support Delivers Results for UncommonGoods

In episode 90 of Total Retail Talks, MC Halfpenny, director of operations at UncommonGoods, an online retailer of unique gifts and creative home decor, talks about how proactive customer support is helping the company to improve the order delivery process. Halfpenny shares details about the support process at Uncommon Goods, the business benefits it has helped deliver, and offers advice for other retailers looking to improve the product delivery experience for its customers.

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Redefining Final Mile Delivery in the Age of the Customer

In a study co-authored by EFT and Convey, we asked 200 retail supply chain executives what they had to say about the evolving role of the customer experience in their operations. We found that retailers understand the importance of customer experience, but that current technologies are not addressing CX needs. The desire to improve the CX is often at odds with traditional operational metrics.

We address our findings in our research study, and we’re excited to announce its release. Click through to read!

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Convey Product One Pager

Shopper expectations are on the rise and delivery experiences can make or break a brand. Unfortunately, delivery disasters are rampant with half of all customers experiencing an issue each year. Unacceptable delivery options are one of the top two causes of abandoned carts, and 70% of shoppers are unlikely to return to a retailer after a negative delivery experience.

Learn how Convey can help ensure customers keep returning.

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Retailers call for better customer service in last-mile delivery

A survey of 200 retail supply chain professionals was commissioned by logistics software firm Convey and conducted by supply chain and logistics business intelligence event management company eyefortransport Ltd. (EFT). 56% said that CX measurement is key to their operational decisions.

Retailers are calling for better customer experience of last-mile parcel delivery, but their current technologies are not addressing that need.

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Podcasts: Redefining Home Delivery in the Age of the Customer

In these exclusive podcasts, retailers discuss: The role and importance of CX in home delivery and how that impacts supply chain performance, to what extent technology can enhance visibility, and how to strike a balance between improving experience and maintaining costs.

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4 Delivery Tips for Satisfying Increasingly Impatient Online Shoppers

We now live in a mobile, one-click world where shoppers expect great service, fast delivery, responsiveness, and transparency. Instant gratification may be the new expectation, but most retailers are struggling to keep up. The reality is the challenge to sustainably satisfy these demands is only getting more difficult.

There are tens of millions of packages in transit today across parcel, LTL and white glove. Based on Convey’s analysis, approximately 10 percent of those packages are in some form of distress in the form of package delays, damages, address issues or missed delivery attempts.

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4 Steps To Defend Your Brand Against Porch Pirates

“Porch Pirate” is the new name for The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. These “pirates” steal the cheer from any holiday event, whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day, or Mother’s/Father’s Day, by burglarizing doorsteps, leaving customers without their gift deliveries.

While we saw piracy spikes during heavy delivery periods like this past holiday season, thieves target unattended goods year round. In fact, according to a report by, 23 million Americans had packages stolen from their doorsteps before they could open them.

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Retail Report Card: Smoother Ending to Choppy Holiday Season

For retailers across the country, it finally felt like Christmas, even without snow. Holiday sales came late and came on strong in the days just preceding December 25th, and store executives anticipate a vigorous run of gift-card redemptions, winter clearances and some early spring fashion in the days before New Year’s.

However, 70% of shoppers won’t return after a single poor experience. In the week before Christmas, 1 out of 5 shoppers received packages late, and 1 out of 25 last-minute deliveries scheduled to arrive before Christmas Eve didn’t make their destinations in time.

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