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In eCommerce, on-time performance has more to do with consumer experience than traditional methodology allows - find out what to measure and when.

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How to measure on-time performance, and why you are (probably) doing it ...

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We surveyed over 1,000 shoppers to understand if shopper preferences have changed around post-purchase communication during COVID-19. Learn what they said.


Consumer Survey: A Guide To Post-Purchase Communication During COVID-19

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Texas' “retail-to-go” phase of reopening the state’s economy starts Friday. But your favorite store may not be ready, and don’t expect to stroll into the mall.


Here’s What Texas Stores and Malls Came Up With For New “Retai...

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Convey announced key findings from a new consumer study that looks at changing shopping behaviors and expectations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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New Survey Reveals How Consumers Shop During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Listen to experts from APL, CEVA, Convey, Kustomer, and Thankful on how to maintain customer confidence during the uncertainty of COVID-19.


WEBINAR: Solidifying Customer Loyalty During eCommerce Supply Chain Shocks

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With capacity constraints and quarantine policies changing frequently, retailers who ship big and bulky deliveries must manage customer expectations in this tumultuous environment. Stay up-to-date with how their policies affect retailers.


COVID-19: Maintaining Customer Expectations For Large-Item Delivery

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Customer conversion and retention is the name of the game for retail subscription services. Learn why on-time delivery is critical to winning and keeping a loyal fanbase.


The Role Of On-Time Delivery In The Success Of Retail Subscription Ser...

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2020 has been a big year for retail disruption as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unravel the supply chain. Here are some trends we're seeing as supply chain leaders find ways to create more resilient supply chains.


Last Mile Trends: Forecasting Supply Chain Resilience in 2020

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Today, we see many brands ditching third-party tracking pages to build their own. Learn three ways retailers are powering communication through branded tracking pages and shipping carrier APIs to drive revenue upside and customer loyalty.


Crawl, Walk, Run Your Way To Best-In-Class Post-Purchase Engagement

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We’ve put together a timeline of events that explain Amazon's eCommerce fulfillment growth, its rise as a logistics machine, and how it has changed customer expectations. 


The Rise of The Amazon Logistics Machine And How It Impacts Retail: A ...

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We surveyed 2,000 shoppers on their Amazon consumer behavior and shipping preferences to discover how other retailers can compete with them. 


Amazon Guilt: Why Shoppers Love To Hate The Online Behemoth

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