Customer Package Tracking

The Saga of WISMO: Actionable Visibility Reduces WISMO

Carrie, Larry, Steve, and Diana all band together to find the source of WISMO, but have no visibility into the problem to drive action. When they get locked in a dark room and WISMOs start crawling through, they must find the true solution to solve the pain.

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The Saga of WISMO: Late Peak Season Shipments Plague Customer Care

Now that Black Friday has come and gone, the Customer Care team is busy fielding calls from customers about late peak season shipments. Throughout the day, she keeps hearing that EDDs are moving back, and shipments seem to be stuck in Chicago. When the Head of Customer Care gets a mysterious email from her CEO saying that the same issue is happening to a VIP shopper, she demands to find some answers.

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The Saga of WISMO: Distribution Center Down

When a distribution center floods on Black Friday, a logistics team braces its system for delivery delays. What it's not ready for? A snowstorm in Chicago! Read why issues up the supply chain bring pain to logistics teams in the final mile.

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The Saga of WISMO: Delivery Disasters Bring WISMO to Life

With carriers off-line, with systems breaking down, antiquated processes straining to keep up, and the echoes of customers screaming for their orders, a spiky creature begins to manifest among the rubble of packages. WISMO is here! Learn about WISMO's antics and the pains that help it multiply.

Read more improves on-time delivery and reduces WISMO deployed Convey’s delivery experience management platform to provide greater visibility into order delivery status, and enable proactive resolution of potential shipping issues. Through Convey, is now able to more efficiently resolve in-transit issues with service providers, reducing costs and improving SLAs.

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