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As customers expectations grow above & beyond fast and free shipping, learn how delivery experience management can be your last mile competitive advantage.

Delivery experience management is retail's last mile competitive advantage

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Delivery Experience Management Is Retail’s Last Mile Advantage

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The 2018 holiday shopping season is off to the races with exciting growths in shipments and fast delivery. With 165 million shoppers and a 239% growth in all shipment modes, this peak season is already setting record highs. Discover the statistics.


2018 Holiday Shipping Spotlight

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J.B. Hunt has heavily invested in modernizing its supply chain, employing better operating systems and cloud-based infrastructure to ramp up LTL visibility.


LTL Visibility Needed for Retailers during Holidays

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Delivery data from the 2018 Black Friday shopping reveal new trends in shopping preferences and less-than-truckload shipping.


Black Friday Delivery Data

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When Black Friday shipments go sideways and NPS scores fall, one marketer takes it upon herself to find the answers. Learn how she can save the day.


The Saga of WISMO: WISMO Trounces Black Friday Shipments

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With carriers off-line, antiquated processes straining to keep up, and the echoes of customers screaming for their orders, a spiky creature manifests. WISMO is here! Learn about WISMO's antics and the pains that help it multiply.


The Saga of WISMO: Delivery Disasters Bring WISMO to Life

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Within six months of using Convey, Grove’s NPS score rose by 9.4% and their CSAT by 1%. The team also saved $65 per shipment from proactively handling damage claims and $23 per shipment from resolving incorrect addresses alone. Learn how.

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Case Study: Grove improves NPS, customer response time

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Convey, a final-mile delivery software company, created a four-stage maturity model to help brands improve delivery practices.


Shift from Reacting to Preventing Delivery Issues

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Delivery expectations are rising, and the stakes in great shipping experiences are more important than ever. Learn how to build customer trust through great delivery and earn customer loyalty. View the infographic.


How to Build Customer Trust in Your Delivery Experience

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84 percent of shoppers are unlikely to return to a retailer after just one negative experience, Convey, Inc.'s third annual consumer expectations survey finds. Learn how much one failed delivery costs.


The Cost of a Failed Delivery Continues to Rise, Survey Shows

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Convey announced the results of its third annual consumer expectations study confirming the rising cost of a failed delivery experiences. Learn why 84% of shoppers are unlikely to return after poor delivery experiences.

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Last Mile Delivery: What Shoppers Want and How to #SaveRetail

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