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Convey Announces Carrier Portal for Transportation Case Management

Convey, the leading active delivery management platform, announced the addition of powerful new case management features to its Engage product that provide critical context around distressed shipments, and improve workflows for shipper-carrier collaboration and expedited issue resolution. Contextual views, multi-party collaboration, case management abilities, and rich documentation will provide faster time to resolution for distressed deliveries.

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Ask Me Anything with Jenny Bebout: A Founder’s Story

Jenny Bebout, one of Convey's three Founders and Product/UX Lead, just helped to launch Convey's upgraded exception management tool and carrier collaboration features. These new features provide retailers and shippers alike with a comprehensive analysis of transit issues, and they allow shippers to prioritize their own exception resolution workflows. We sat down with Jenny to talk more about her experience as a Co-founder, her thoughts on carrier-shipper relationships, and her contributions to Convey's upgraded exception management tool.

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CommerceHub Announces Convey Partnership, Enhanced Delivery CX

CommerceHub, Inc. and Convey, Inc. announced a strategic partnership, combining CommerceHub's leading drop-ship technology with an offering of Convey's active delivery management solution. The joint offering will provide CommerceHub’s omnichannel retail clients with exceptional last-mile delivery experience, especially for large-item delivery.

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Solving Shipping Problems Before Customers Worry

The local Austin startup helps companies control their in-transit shipments and manage exceptions to provide a consistent and positive delivery experience for consumers. Think of them as a fairy godmother that works with millions of other fairy godmothers to ensure that your most anticipated package arrives on time.

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18 Austin Startups to Watch in 2018

2017 was a pivotal year for dozens of Austin startups. So which companies will emerge with big moves in 2018? We’ve been exploring that question by reading through our 2017 coverage, talking with investors and founders and looking at some of the larger trends in tech.

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Ask Me Anything: Matt Howitt, VP of Product

"We're no longer in the Wild West of shipping decisions."

In honor of our new features as well as the one-year Convey anniversary of our VP of Product, Matt Howitt, we collected questions from Convey users and employees. Check out what Matt said about his career, Convey's new features, and what the future of delivery could look like.

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