Dropship Management

Gain visibility, achieve 100% vendor compliance and control the shipping experience for your dropshipped orders

Flexible Dropship Request

Flexible pickup scheduling options including API, CSV, EDI and an easy-to-use form within our online portal make accommodating vendors needs regardless of their level of execution ability easy.

100% Vendor Compliance

Manage and report on compliance KPIs for dropshippers. Reach 100% vendor compliance through automated carrier selection when shipments are scheduled through the platform.

Automated Document Creation

Dynamically generated shipping documentation for parcel and freight to save time and ensure accuracy.

Shipment Correction Visibility

Misclassifications mean dollars lost from your bottom line. Our compliance reports help you identify top offenders so that you can address the issue at the source.

SLA Management

Manage your dropship service level agreements just like you manage your carrier SLAs. Identify missing data, incorrect bookings, and even packaging failures that impact your customer experience.

Build.com saw an immediate 10% reduction in freight spend with Convey's Initiate platform.

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