Track and Trace

Drive loyalty and reduce inbound customer service call volume with exceptional shipment tracking experiences

Universal Shipment Tracking

Create a consistent experience for all of your customers, regardless of mode or carrier. Go beyond estimated delivery dates by tracking against the promise you made to your customer.

Shipment Notifications

Give customers the opportunity to subscribe to updates through their preferred channel. Keep them up to date with automated alert templates or create your own.

Custom Communication

Transform your tracking page into a bi-directional communication channel. When things go wrong, let customers know you are on it. Proactively resolve issues and share updates through the tracking page, SMS, or email.

Self-Service Actions

When successful delivery requires customer input, create efficiency with Track and Trace by allowing customers to take action themselves by scheduling delivery appointments, requesting a hold at the terminal, or rerouting their package.

Voice of the Customer

Incorporate the customer into your track and trace decisions by capturing structured feedback. Analyze that feedback to optimize your operations and more effectively negotiate with carrier partners.

Return Status Tracking

Visibility into the return of a product is just as important as during delivery. Keep customers up to date and reduce call volume by alerting customers to the status of their return and refund.

Page Performance

Report on customer feedback, page visits, and engagement with tracking details. Understand how many customers are using the tracking page, subscribing to alerts, or returning to your website.

Custom Integrations

Customize our hosted tracking page through the integration of some of your favorite tools, or build your own tracking page using our API.

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