Delivery Exception Management

Easily identify, understand, and act on exceptions, managing in-transit issues to positive outcomes

Standardized Exception Types

We simplify thousands of unique carrier exceptions down to 19 standard types to make analyzing exceptions easy. Quickly see your most common issues and know what actions to take.

Customer Feedback

Structured feedback allows you to identify, report on, and address customer reported issues as they happen. These exceptions help you identify communication disconnects and evaluate carrier performance in terms of customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Exceptions

Understand and take action on exceptions that carriers don’t report like missed pick-ups, estimated delivery date changes and warnings when a shipment is likely to miss it’s promise date.

Prioritization and Escalation

Not all exceptions are created equal. Prioritize and escalate the exceptions that require action from your team. Assign distressed shipments to individuals or teams for resolution.

Custom Views

Users can filter to create custom views based on order value, product category, carrier, and more. Monitor, manage, and report on only the shipments that matter most to you.

Best Practice Library

Knowing what to do once you’ve identified an exception can be daunting so we’ve mapped out recommended processes, communication, and SLAs for managing any issue that might pop up.

69% of shippers want to proactively take action on in-transit issues. We can help.

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