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Delivery Experience Management (DEM) is the art of proactively ensuring that your customers get their orders how and when they expect. Learn how brands can balance costs and customer demands, and why DEM is the future of last mile.

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Delivery Experience Management is the Future of the Last Mile

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Learn how a fast growing customer-centric, modern furniture brand gains efficiencies through analyzing its network and improves transit time.

Modern Furniture Brand Improves Delivery Transit Time with Analytics

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Modern Furniture Brand Improves Transit Time with Analytics

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Within six months of using Convey, Grove’s NPS score rose by 9.4% and their CSAT by 1%. The team also saved $65 per shipment from proactively handling damage claims and $23 per shipment from resolving incorrect addresses alone. Learn how.

Case Studies

Case Study: Grove improves NPS, customer response time

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Through Convey, is now able to more efficiently resolve in-transit issues with service providers, reducing costs and improving SLAs.

Case Studies improves on-time delivery and reduces WISMO

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UncommonGoods knew its customers expected visibility into where their packages were at any given time, and was on the hunt for a solution that would help deliver that experience.

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UncommonGoods Improves Delivery Experience with Active Management

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Family Leisure has launched the full capabilities of Convey Engage, an all-in-one active delivery management tool which combines deep carrier integrations with delivery communication, voice of the customer feedback, and exception analytics. The solution has enabled Family Leisure to understand, prioritize, and proactively solve issues before customers call, saving valuable time and money and a providing a more rewarding customer experience.

Family Leisure Delivery Communication

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Family Leisure Reduces Costs, Improves Delivery Communication

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As an exclusively eCommerce home appliances retailer, Living Direct relies on superior customer experiences to differentiate from competition. Improving the customer experience is key to their goal of making shopping for large items online easy. The delivery and returns experience was identified as in need of attention, and returning large items was equally as cumbersome.

Using Convey, Living Direct has already seen the percent of shipments handled by a single carrier shift by as much as 76% over the course of the last 6 months.

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Case Studies

Living Direct Improves CX, Returns Efficiency with Convey

Case StudiesSee Case Study is the second largest online home improvement retailer, with a 1M+ product portfolio across nearly 400 suppliers. Most goods are drop shipped to customers with a heavy freight to parcel ratio. has established a culture of innovation, which led them to Convey and our pivotSupplier platform to automate and optimize the transportation relationship with their suppliers. Supplier management was only the beginning. also engaged with pivotDashboard, our data engine that provides real-time predictive insights by the centralization of all shipment data.

Case Studies Utilizes Convey to Reduce Freight Spend by 20%

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