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Delivery Experience Management (DEM) is the art of proactively ensuring that your customers get their orders how and when they expect. Learn how brands can balance costs and customer demands, and why DEM is the future of last mile.

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Delivery Experience Management is the Future of the Last Mile

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The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2019 will be here before you know it! We can't wait to see you in Phoenix this May.


Must See Sessions at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2019

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Brands who understand how and why delivery exceptions happen can optimize their last mile logistics. Learn why this can't happen with spreadsheets.


The Case Against Spreadsheets in Last Mile Logistics

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We can't wait to see you in New York City this year! Check out our guide and schedule an appointment with us if you'll be at the show.


Top Sessions to See at D3’s Retail Supply Chain Conference 2019

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Get a comprehensive understanding of logistics and supply chain terms and acronyms in our last mile supply chain glossary.


Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain Glossary and Definitions

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At Home Delivery World, freight and parcel shippers focused their discussions around utilizing technology to positively impact customer experience in the last mile and effectively scale their business.


Shippers at Home Delivery World Look for Consistency & Control

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This presentation discusses how Delivery Experience Management (DEM) provides the single source of last-mile data and tools needed so that retailers can actively manage deliveries efficiently, at scale.


Get Proactive to Make Delivery a Competitive Advantage

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Customer expectations are on the rise. Learn how growing retailers can take control of their omnichannel experience and scale it with efficiency.


Getting Control of the Omnichannel Experience with DEM

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Brands need better insights to see all shipments, across all carriers, in real time. Read to learn the consequences of not having delivery visibility.


How a lack of delivery visibility produces frustrated customers

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Listen to this short podcast, where EFT and Poonam Goyal (Bloomberg) discuss what factors are critical in achieving a perfect customer delivery experience.


Critical Components of a Perfect Customer Delivery Experience

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Delivery experience management enhances customer satisfaction, reduces “where’s my order” calls, and drives efficiencies for retailers using Magento.

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Convey Announces Magento Partnership and Commerce Platform Integration

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