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Delivery Experience Management (DEM) is the art of proactively ensuring that your customers get their orders how and when they expect. Learn how brands can balance costs and customer demands, and why DEM is the future of last mile.

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Delivery Experience Management is the Future of the Last Mile

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"Our partnership with Convey will significantly enhance the delivery capabilities of our platform and network to enable our retailer customers to provide exceptional consumer delivery experiences, regardless of how the product is delivered.”


“Convey will enhance delivery capabilities of our platform”...

Frank PooreCommerceHub

“Convey represents the kind of strategic partner that will help us reach our goal of making the shopping experience as easy and effortless as possible”


“Convey [will make] the shopping experience effortless”

Nate Faust,

"The solution has helped get products to consumers faster through optimized shipping decision execution and extraordinary delivery communications.”


“Everything came together painlessly.”

Marshal Downey, Director of Direct

“We’ve got a unified experience that feels like it’s all coming from UncommonGoods. That is one of best benefits for the customer. We can try new things and new carriers and the customer gets a consistent experience."


“Convey really shines on the operational side.”

MC Halfpenny, Director of Operations UncommonGoods

“Convey’s Delivery Platform has allowed us to continue to improve the post-purchase experience our large-item shoppers. We are excited about the opportunities we have to continue to leverage Convey’s delivery intelligence to continue to improve the experience by addressing common return complaints with our white label product manufacturers, offering more personalized delivery options to shoppers in cart, and identifying loss-leading and damage prone lanes.”


“Convey [has improved] the experience for our large-item shoppers...

Rick Lundbom, CEOLiving Direct

“At Living Direct we are always looking for new ways to differentiate. When we came across Convey’s Intelligent Fulfillment Platform it was obvious that it could have a significant impact on the experience we offer our customers. We are most excited about the opportunities we have to leverage Convey’s carrier intelligence to improve the experience both at checkout and beyond.”


“We are always looking for new ways to differentiate.”

Jason Roussos, CMOLiving Direct

“With thousands of shipments in-flight at any point in time and the details around those orders living in many disparate systems across our organization, it can be difficult to figure out which ones need our immediate attention. Convey’s Engage solution will give our team all the information we need to go from reactive to proactive while also providing us with the tools to communicate with all relevant parties within the same view.”


“Convey had an immediate impact on our supplier drop ship program”

Kevin Scott, Logistics

“We are excited by the opportunity that Convey’s Engage solution creates for us to proactively address the issues that occur during the final-mile of delivery to our customers.”


“Delivering exceptional experiences… is critical”

Sabena Virani, Senior Project ManagerZuri Furniture

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