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Delivery Experience Management (DEM) is the art of proactively ensuring that your customers get their orders how and when they expect. Learn how brands can balance costs and customer demands, and why DEM is the future of last mile.

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Delivery Experience Management is the Future of the Last Mile

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The 2018 holiday shopping season is off to the races with exciting growths in shipments and fast delivery. With 165 million shoppers and a 239% growth in all shipment modes, this peak season is already setting record highs. Discover the statistics.


2018 Holiday Shipping Spotlight

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As medical device supply chain leaders must manage an ever-growing courier network, time-sensitive supply demands, and a trend towards consumerization of medical supply distribution -- a la Amazon. Explore how the market of medical devices has exploded in growth the past few years and how it impacts supply chain.


Delivery Statistics for Medical Devices

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Convey has compiled a list of retail delivery statistics, outlining online shopping behavior. Uncover the latest stats here from top retail surveys such as the NRF, UPS, and more.


Retail Delivery Statistics

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