Delivery Digest: September 2017

Dealing with Hurricane Harvey and getting ready for peak season competition

This month was a busy one here at Convey with highs of raising a Series B investment, and lows of seeing fellow Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This September, delivery headlines focused on who could get the closest to beating Amazon at its own game. In a tight race where Amazon, Walmart, and Target are making big acquisitions to improve offerings and final mile delivery, it is clear that customers will be the judges (and hopefully the winners!) of a busy peak season.

Amazon Effect Sparks Deals for Software-Tracking Firms

In the race for the status of “best delivery,” a growing number of companies are paying to track in real time everything from truckloads of pork chops to shipping containers full of exercise equipment.

Logistics providers, retailers, and suppliers are inking deals with software firms that use location data and weather and traffic information to monitor shipments and alert customers to events that could hold up delivery.

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Op-ed Supply Chain Disruptions from Harvey to Increase Transportation and Logistics

When disasters occur, we are all emotionally affected. But much of the work of rebuilding, in cities large and small, will fall squarely on the shoulders of an often unrecognized party: the supply chain manager.

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How to Stay Competitive in the Face of E-Commerce Giants

Small brick-and-mortar businesses thrive off of the “shop local” experience. For e-commerce businesses, however, maintaining that experience is difficult when they’re trying to beat out giants like Wal-Mart or Amazon. My Total Retail outlines the steps that businesses will need to take in order to thrive this holiday season.

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Supply Chain Professionals Disagree About Value of Increased Data Collection

Supply chain professionals agree that it is necessary to obtain data in order to optimize supply chains, but how much data is necessary, and once you get it, what do you do with it? Supply Chain Dive covers several experts’ opinions from CSCMP’s annual conference and analyzes the best ways to bucket data.
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Redefining Final Mile Delivery in the Age of the Customer

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