SCOPE 2018 Session Survival Guide

Booth #204 | Hyatt Regency | Denver, Colorado | August 19th-21st, 2018

The Convey team at SCOPE

As we begin the transition from summer into peak season, Convey is heading west to Denver for another major supply chain conference: SCOPE 2018!

SCOPE 2018 features a diverse set of speakers with executives all across the supply chain industry. Companies with speakers include: Daikan, European Wax Center, thyssenkrupp, and BMC Stock Holdings.

Below are five sessions which illustrate major trends in the supply chain and final mile industries, that are worth checking out while at SCOPE 2018.

Day 2 | August 20th

Panel: Tackling the Ever-Growing Driver Shortage

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Optimization Track
Speakers: Donald Crumpler, Vice President, Supply Chain & Integration (BMC Stock Holdings), Zahid Rashid, Global Director of Distribution (Jelly Belly Candy Company), and John Mory, Director of Logistics and Team Development (Farm Fresh To You)
10:00 AM

Panelists will discuss one of the major issues currently facing the supply chain industry: the driver shortage. The panel will showcase cost-saving innovations that are being implemented to help fight the shortage and will explore the future ramifications of a continued lack of drivers.

The Fast and the Furious: Winning the Race to the Final Mile

Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Optimization Track
Speaker: Daniel Barfield, Executive Vice President (Datatrac Corporation)
11:00 AM

Daniel Barfield dives deep into the final-mile sector of supply chain and takes a look at the major players in the space. Additionally, he takes a look at the challenges and opportunities that come with attempting to build a final-mile network.

Supply Chain Visibility and Why it is Crucial for Company Growth

Supply Chain Leadership Strategies Track
Speaker: Tyler Buskard, Sales Director (BluJay Solutions)
3:00 PM

Tyler Bruskard illustrates the importance of visibility into all aspects of the supply chain. He highlights the improved results that come with greater visibility and answers questions about how to properly implement better visibility into the supply chain.

Day 3 | August 21st

Effective Methods for Capturing VOC

Demand Planning and Consumer Volatility Track
Speaker: Jonathon Biggert, Vice President of Supply Chain (European Wax Center)
9:00 AM

Being able to fully understand customers demands is vital to success in the supply chain industry. That’s the message that Jonathon Biggert conveys as he works to help companies be more in sync with their consumers’ needs and wants. He showcases the techniques European Wax Center uses to endure that customer feedback is heard and reflected.

Supply Chain Visibility… Seamlessly Track Product Throughout the Supply Chain from Production to Customer

Supply Chain Leadership Strategies Track
Speaker: David Barnard, Vice President Supply Chain and Logistics (Colliers International)
11:00 AM 

As the conference winds down, David Barnard discusses the necessity of visibility in the supply chain ecosystem. He examines the value executives place into visibility and how visibility can be leveraged into cutting costs across the entire supply chain.

You can find the full SCOPE 2018 agenda here.