The Saga of WISMO: WISMO vs. the eCommerce Experience

As retail peak season comes around the corner, WISMO’s miscreant antics begin to multiply, and it is determined to ruin delivery experiences of shoppers everywhere. When it impacts Logistics, Supply Chain, eCommerce Marketing, and Customer Care, the teams must band together to wrangle it back — or else risk losing their customers.

In this short, fun bedtime story, teach your kiddos why the delivery experience matters. As WISMO’s shenanigans grow, it destroys and delays shipments, ruining customer experiences everywhere. They’ll learn what factors can go wrong in the eCommerce experience, why tension causes miscommunication, and why team work is so important to work out any situation.

The Saga of WISMO: WISMO vs. The eCommerce Experience | Bedtime Story

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The saga of WISMO

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