Top 11 Sessions at RILA Retail Supply Chain Conference

Phoenix Convention Center | Phoenix, AZ | February 25-28, 2018

We are excited to join supply chain leaders at the Retail Industry Leader Association's Retail Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix to discuss the latest trends and solutions in fulfillment, delivery, and customer engagement. If you would like to meet up with us at the conference, please fill in the form to the right.

With a ton of great sessions to choose from on topics ranging from the last mile to emerging technologies such as block chain, we have put together our list of top picks to see. Check out our 11 most anticipated sessions below!

Day 1 | February 25

Welcome Reception

5:00 PM

Kick off RILA at the welcome reception where you can connect with us and enjoy drinks and light fare.

Day 2 | February 26

Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World

Speaker: Doug Stephens, Founder & President (Retail Prophet)
9:15 AM

Drawing on research from his new book, Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World, Stephens will share actionable strategies that will separate the winners and losers in the market.

Traversing the Perils of Peak

Josh Creasman, Vice President, Global Supply Chain (New Era Cap); Ashfaque Chowdhury, President, Supply Chain, Americas & Asia Pacific (XPO Logistics)
10:30 AM

We all know the scariest time of the year — no, not Halloween! Peak season. With peak deliveries growing explosively each year, New Era and XPO have come to the rescue in this case study. They will discuss how their partnership has allowed them to build a supply chain that can deliver several million caps to the market within 24 hours following a major sporting event. It will also lay out the technologies, processes, and strategies needed to succeed during peak period.

You vs. Amazon: How Retailers Are Fighting Back with Same-Day Delivery

Speaker: Joshua Hartman, Director, Omni-Channel Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization (Petco) and Holdings, Inc.; Marc Gorlin, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Roadie)
3:00 PM

With customers demanding same-day delivery, the service is becoming more and more of a necessity. This session will explore how a new collaborative delivery model is empowering retailers to harness and leverage existing resources — employees, customers, and drivers in close proximity to stores — to make same-day, last-mile deliveries.

Short Takes from Retail Supply Chain Executives

Speakers: Mark Holifield, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain (The Home Depot); Reuben Slone, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics (Walgreen Co.); Willis Weirich, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations (Neiman Marcus)

4:00 PM

Ted Talks, meet RILA! Hear from three top executives in retail supply chain, each covering an aspect of the business that they are passionate about.

Day 3 | February 27

Panel: Achieving Diversity in Retail Supply Chains: A Look in the Mirror

Moderator: Chris Baer, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Global Supply Chain (Gap Inc.)
Panelists: Kim Vaccaro, Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain Solutions, International Logistics (The Home Depot); Nicole Chen, Associate Vice President, eCommerce Fulfillment, (Canadian Tire); and Emily Wissinger, Digital Connectivity Manager (Unilever)
7:00 AM

Is the supply chain industry doing enough to reach out to women and have them join the ranks of supply chain? Are we grooming them to become leaders, role models, and mentors?

In this panel, three supply chain practitioners discuss what drew them to supply chain, why they stay, and how they progressed in a male-dominated environment. As they give advice on how to maintain a diverse workforce, they invite the audience to ask questions and discuss these matters alongside them.

Overcoming Challenges in Residential Deliveries for Large Shipments

Speakers: Erin Donnelly, Director, Delivery Support (The Home Depot); Justin Hall, Chief Customer Officer (YRCW)
10:15 AM

When you ship a large item to a customer’s home, what are the challenges? Join Home Depot as they discuss what services to provide in the final mile to create the optimal customer journey.

Walmart International: Secrets of Success for Network Design Excellence

Speakers: Joshua Buchanan, Senior Manager, International Network Design (Walmart); Jeff Metersky, Vice President, Solution Strategy, LLamasoft
1:45 PM
Have you ever wondered how Walmart has enabled rapid supply chain decision-making? Or how it has been able to successfully leverage technology to optimize its network? You’re in luck! This session shares how Walmart International has utilized people, process, and technology to help them make better decisions, faster, and more frequently than their competitors.

Convergence of Cognitive, IOT and Blockchain

Speaker: Steve Laughlin, Vice President & General Manager, Global Consumer Industry (IBM)
2:45 PM

With so many new technologies coming out, where and when do we begin re-evaluating our own business strategies? Steve Laughlin from IBM will discuss how these complementary technologies will reshape the retail landscape, and how to assess the opportunities and challenges they create.

Day 4 | February 28

Where Amazon is Leading Us

Speaker: Aaron Conant, Co-Founder & Managing Director, eCom Advisory 
8:05 AM

We’ve all heard that we’re in the ‘Age of Amazon,’ but what does that mean for our future? As Amazon takes each industry, Aaron Conant will discuss the current state of the market, the variety of Amazon programs including Vendor/Seller Flex, and why retailers should be thinking about these initiatives now so they do not lose in the future.

Closing Keynote: Winning in the Age of Disruption

Speaker: Jake Wood, Co-founder & President, Team Rubicon & author of Take Command
9:45 AM
Irma. Harvey. Maria. Three wakes of devastation left the U.S. supply chain in disrepair in the past year. As Jake Wood from Rubicon can (and will) tell you, “Those that can adapt will thrive, while those that refuse change will flounder and fail.” Jake will share his own experiences responding to these events, and he will provide a framework for becoming a better leader and building more agile organizations.


Want to see the full agenda? Check it out here.