Six Sessions to Attend at Retail Delivery Connect 2018

Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida | August 12th-14th, 2018
Convey Team at Retail Delivery Connect 2018

Convey Team at Retail Delivery Connect 2018

The retail last mile is becoming more rushed, more expensive, and an ever-more-critical contributor to a positive customer experience. Right in time for peak season, Convey is heading to Ft. Lauderdale for one of the biggest delivery events of the year: Retail Delivery Connect 2018! We’re excited to be a part of the discussion.

RDC 2018 features a great set of speakers featuring executives all across the supply chain market. Companies with speakers include: Home Depot, Samsung, Comcast, and Convey.

We picked out our top six sessions from the event below — sessions that highlight how retail leaders are quickly evolving their final mile teams, processes, technologies in order to remain competitive. In addition to the sessions below, be sure to check out our workshop at 2:55 on August 12th: “How Does Your Delivery Experience Maturity Ship Up?

Day 1 | August 12th

Keynote: Eliminating The Legacy Of Working In Silos Within The Supply Chain

Speaker: Michael Parsley, SVP Distribution (Tailored Brands)
1:55 PM

When consumers exceedingly expect a seamless delivery experience, one of retail’s biggest delivery challenges today is agility. With each department in the company holding siloed information, Parsley suggests solutions to bring together your data so that internal operations can run more efficiently. 

Innovation Workshop: How Does Your Delivery Experience Maturity Ship Up?

Speaker: Chris Richter, VP of Revenue (Convey)
2:55 PM

What will the next generation of delivery look like, and how does your organization stack up? This workshop will provide a framework for understanding where your delivery organization sits relative to the delivery experience you are offering your customers. Chris Richter will share a maturity model based on best practices observed across some of the top retailers, and all participants will learn how to target efforts to reach the next level of maturity and how to remain competitive.

Day 2 | August 13th

Keynote: Go The Distance: Ensuring Efficiency In Last Mile Delivery

9:10 AM

Innovation is the theme of Day 2. Discover how companies are utilizing new technologies and methods to unlock greater efficiency in their last mile delivery. Whether it’s advanced analytics or drones, innovations of the supply chain are creating faster fulfillments across the board.

Panel: Analyzing The Impact Of The Amazon Effect On Your Fulfillment & Logistics Processes

Speakers: Jeff Girard, SVP Distribution & Logistics (DSW) and Mike McMahon, Group VP, Global Operations (Beach Body)
4:30 PM 

What evolutions are necessary to match the changing dynamics Amazon has brought? Jeff Girard and Mike McMahon analyze the role Amazon has had in shaping the supply chain and logistics markets. Discover how to stay ahead of the game and anticipate major market evolutions before they happen.

Keynote: Click & Collect – Why Convenience Matters! Providing A Better Experience At A Lower Cost

5:05 PM

The lesson of this session: Make convenience a part of your core mission. See why more and more companies are doing everything they can do to make things as easy and seamless as possible for the consumers. Putting your team first and a focus on innovation are part of the keys of success to maintaining an outstanding staff.

Day 3 | August 14th

Session: What’s It Cost To You? Exploring Cost Control and Optimization In The Supply Chain

Speakers:  Jonathan Parks, VP Global Distribution & Logistics (Rent-A-Center). and Art Van Der Stuyf, Director Distbrution & Logistics, Rent-A-Center
9:50 AM

Especially with transportation costs rising, how do you maintain your operations budget without compromising customer experience? The team from Rent-A-Center will share their best practices for how to control supply chain, fulfillment, and final mile costs.

You can find the full Retail Delivery Connect 2018 agenda here.
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