Amazon Guilt: Why Shoppers Love To Hate The Online Behemoth

We surveyed 2,000 shoppers on their Amazon consumer behavior and shipping preferences to discover how other retailers can compete with them. 

We all know that Amazon dominates online commerce, thanks to its ruthlessly efficient fulfillment network. Even with mounting competition, the behemoth is still growing with over 150M subscribers. But as shoppers grow more concerned with the company’s corporate responsibility, can retailers exploit the chinks in Amazon’s armor to their advantage? 

In order to find the answer, we surveyed 2,000 shoppers on their Amazon shipping preferences to discover why the behemoth is on a seemingly-unstoppable trajectory, and how other retailers can compete. 

Read the research to learn:

  • Why 64% would stop shopping on Amazon without ‘free shipping’
  • Which demographic cares most (and least) about sustainable delivery
  • What factor attracts Amazon shoppers more than its pricing