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When Order Tracking Falls Short

Customers expect all retailers to match the service levels of the largest players, but in the age of Amazon, are tracking pages enough to do it?

“Customers expect all retailers to match the service levels of the largest players. But while retailers want to provide better customer service, many struggle with the limited capabilities of standard tracking systems, which don’t allow self-service, corrective actions or collaboration.

For New York Times-bestselling suspense author Jeff Abbott, it was a mystery–how many times would it take a major furniture retailer to get his delivery right? Abbott, who lost his home to fire last year and is now furnishing a rebuilt home, ordered a sectional sofa for his family’s media room. The delivery was made on time, but the middle section was damaged.

Getting the problem resolved took three appointments and countless phone calls. Abbott’s story of frustration is one I’ve heard time and again as many retailers come to realize that tracking pages alone aren’t keeping up with customers’ increased expectations.

“I had to call multiple people in customer service and then accept the retailer’s suggested solution that it would send a repairman. The retailer’s responsibility for dealing with problem was now on my shoulders. Problems like this make me hesitant to buy again from that retailer. All they did was give me tracking information—it wasn’t enough.”

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This article was originally published in Internet Retailer on March 15, 2019. It was written by Convey CEO, Rob Taylor.