Delivery Digest: October 2017

Consumer expectations during the holidays and all things Amazon

It’s almost the most magical time of the year! This month, headlines focused on how retailers can meet and beat their customers’ post-peak delivery experiences.

Meanwhile, in addition to Amazon’s quest to receive the best bid for its 2nd headquarters, the e-commerce behemoth has launched innovative programs such as Seller Flex, in order to up the stakes for last-mile delivery.

Amazon and Big Apartment Landlords Strike Deals on Package Delivery

Amazon is taking over the package rooms of some of the country’s largest apartment landlords, in a move that could help consolidate its control over how goods make it from the warehouse floor to the front door. With programs such as this and in-home delivery, Amazon can resolve costly exceptions in the final mile. Read on to learn more.

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Buy a Sofa Online? Wayfair Is Counting on It.

What happens when a couch is delivered to a home? The New York Times dives into how Wayfair has been meeting and beating consumer expectations around large-item, e-commerce delivery.

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Here's How Retailers Can Make the Most of the Holidays

What are customers thinking when they are doing their holiday shopping this year? In a survey of 8,000 consumers, respondents listed price as the most important consideration for their holiday shopping, with other top factors including customers service, shipping, and product availability. Find out what consumers are demanding this year.

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Next-day, Sunday deliveries become a reality for some USPS customers

As consumers demand faster and more convenient package delivery, the U.S. Postal Service wants to boost its business this holiday season by offering cheap next-day service with packages delivered on Sundays. Bolstered by e-commerce growth and its Sunday operations, the Postal Service anticipates  reaching new highs this year in holiday delivery, with nearly 850 million U.S. parcels delivered. With a launch in over 20 cities, USPS is working with big retailers to get packages home in time for the holidays.

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Family Leisure Cuts Delivery Costs and Improves Customer Communication

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