Delivery Digest: November 2016

Defending Your Brand During The Holidays

November’s edition of the Delivery Digest includes details on how UPS and FedEx are preparing for a record volume of shipments this holiday season and a Forbes report on how missing delivery options are costing online retailers billions of dollars. This month, check out how to defend your e-commerce brand as a growing amount of customers use your sites, and find out how to match customers’ demand this time of year.

UPS and FedEx are going to great lengths to deliver holiday packages on time — but it may not be enough

UPS is expecting to ship a record volume of more than 700 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas — an increase of more than 70 million over 2015’s record total. At the same time, FedEx is projecting a 10% increase over the more than 325 million packages it shipped last holiday season. Both companies experienced delays last year because of an unexpected surge in online shopping. Here’s a look at what UPS and FedEx are doing to try to prevent a holiday shipping disaster.

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Retailers dance in a holiday shopping tango

Within the past 90 days, a major global shipping company went bankrupt, delaying or stranding hundreds of thousands of containers bound for retailers eager to stock their shelves for holiday shoppers. Add in a rancorous election filled with economic uncertainty, an early Midwestern blizzard, and the threat of a strike at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and you can see why retailers may be seeing stars during a time when financial success may be the difference between being in the red or black for the year.

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Missing Delivery Options Cost Online Retailers Billions

Every online shopper dumps a shopping basket at some point. But according to the latest research by Stuart, an on-demand delivery platform, those dumped baskets have a high cost to the retailers. In fact, in the United Kingdom alone, consumers are spending £4.9 billion – which is over $6 billion – less with their favorite high street retailers online.

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Supply chain should focus on growth, not efficiency

Growth and efficiency are not mutually exclusive, but the slight differences in focus can heavily impact how supply chain managers approach problems. A growth-focused manager may place fulfillment and agility at the forefront of needs, while an efficiency-focused manager may prioritize inventory optimization and resilience.

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