Gearing up for the NASSTRAC Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo

Rosen Shingle Creek | Orlando, Florida | April 29 - May 1, 2018

NASSTRAC's 2018 Annual Shippers Conference & Transportation Expo is right around the corner. This event is geared to the needs of the transportation and supply chain executive with educational sessions that cover relevant topics in transportation, executive insights from CEOs of leading carriers, and interactive discussions among your peers through Collaborative Learning Labs on a specific shipping topic that interests you.

Be sure to check out our session during the show: Rob Taylor, Convey's CEO, is discussing what defines a customer-centric supply chain strategy and how human, process, and technology considerations factor in to increase competitive advantages.

With so many great sessions to see, we picked out a few must see sessions for our Nasstrac Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo agenda.

Day 1 | April 29

Deep-Dive Pre-Conference Workshops: Executive Supply Chain Transportation Operations Course

1:00 PM
Presented by: Chris Norek, Senior Partner (Chain Connectors); and Gail Rutkowski, Executive Director (NASSTRAC)

This program provides the foundational understanding to manage and optimize transportation operations. Participants learn common terminology as well as methods to effectively manage transportation operations, source carriers, and third party providers.

Day 2 | April 30

Breakout Session: Game Changers in Freight Transportation & Logistics

11:00 AM
Presenter: John Larkin, Managing Director (Transportation and Logistics Research, Stifel Nicolaus)

This session will highlight the innovations that are changing the freight transportation and logistics landscape before our very eyes, including trends such as the uberization of brokerage and forwarding, autonomous trucks, the impact of e-commerce on supply chain design, blockchain in the supply chain, rate hedging, dynamic, continuous network optimization, automated picking, packing, loading, and unloading, surface drones and airborne drones.

Breakout Session: Morton Salt’s Innovative Approach to Today’s TMS

3:00 PM
Presenter: Todd D. Bulmash, Manager, Logitics Training & Process Analysis (Morton Salt)

In this session, Morton Salt will share their methods for: identifying potential partners, creating transparency into daily operations, launching a well-rounded RFP process and creating a robust implementation/go-live plan

Day 3 | May 1

Breakout Session: Cat Herding: Integrating Final Mile’s Increasing Number of Options

11:00 AM
Presenter: Brian Gibson, Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Innovation (Auburn University)

E-commerce and omni-channel distribution drove up demand for final mile solutions and the market has responded with a myriad of options. This panel seeks to explore many of the latest innovations to identify their specific value propositions, when to use various services, and how to engage them into your network

Breakout Session: The Post-Product Supply Chain: Reorganizing for Success in A Customer-Driven World

2:00 PM
Presenter: Rob Taylor, CEO (Convey, Inc)

The rise of the customer-driven supply chain is now a well-documented phenomenon. Across industries, supply chain leaders are implementing customer-driven initiatives to appease the ever-increasing demands of end users, and to slow the gradual erosion of margins. This presentation will walk through what it REALLY takes to put the customer at the center of supply chain planning from a human, process and technology standpoint.


You can find the full NASSTRAC Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo Schedule for 2018 here.