Delivery Digest: May 2017

Proactive support, beacons and competition between last mile carriers

The delivery headlines this month were focused optimization of the last mile to meet customer expectations. Whether it’s last mile partners optimizing their operations or retailers optimizing their customer service processes this month was all about improving the customer experience. Check out the below headlines to catch up on what happened this month.

Proactive Support Delivers Results for Uncommon Goods

n episode 90 of Total Retail Talks, MC Halfpenny, director of operations at Uncommon Goods, an online retailer of unique gifts and creative home decor, talks about how proactive customer support is helping the company to improve the order delivery process. Halfpenny shares details about the support process at Uncommon Goods, the business benefits it has helped deliver, and offers advice for other retailers looking to improve the product delivery experience for its customers.

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FedEx and UPS to compete with USPS for last-mile delivery

Last-mile delivery is an ongoing logistics puzzle as delivery companies continue to struggle with how best to manage the growing e-commerce-fueled market.

That UPS and FedEx are moving to fully handle their own e-commerce deliveries rather than rely on USPS’ network shows they expect revenues from high volumes to finally outpace costs. In large part, that’s because more than before, consumers appear to be willing to pay for convenience.

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UPS Adds Beacons to Handle Package Misloads

UPS is installing electronic beacons in its package cars to notify workers if they have placed an item in the wrong delivery vehicle. The initiative, known as Preload Smart Scan, is part of a suite of UPS projects that will use technology to error-proof package processing operations to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Convey Infographic

Infographic: Retailers Report on Home Delivery

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