Delivery Digest: May 2016

May’s Delivery Digest includes news from Internet Retailer, Retail Dive, and Fleet Owner. Learn why logistics speed is becoming a key supply chain need, how to overcome the large item delivery challenge, and why Amazon isn’t beating other retailers.

Study: Retailers' Omnichannel Efforts Leave Customers Wanting

The fact that retailers are increasingly offering curbside pickup and other BOPIS services is a reflection of how consumers are blurring online and offline shopping channels, experts say. That’s something that many retailers have yet to fully appreciate because they’re still grappling with their own omnichannel hangups.

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Logistics Speed May Become Key Retail Supply Chain Need

Brian Gibson, a professor of supply chain management and executive director of the center for supply chain innovations at Auburn University, believes “speed to market” is becoming a more critical metric for retailers in the U.S. – and as a result they are placing more importance on supply chain services going forward.

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Overcoming the Large Item Delivery Challenge

Despite the complexity that exists when shipping large-items, shopper expectations remain high. Large-item retailers face a unique set of complex and costly fulfillment challenges. In this blog we will discuss some of these delivery challenges and provide ways to overcome them to drive loyalty.

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Amazon isn't beating other retailers. They are beating themselves.

The big lie retailers are telling themselves is that they are putting the customers first, when they really aren’t at all. Instead, they are distracted by the constant friction between the marketing teams and the tech teams. Most retailers need to stop blaming Amazon for their bad results, and look at how their websites are costing them revenue and customer loyalty.

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Cost of Poor Delivery on Customer Expectations


Delivery concerns are keeping 54% of shoppers from making alrge item purchases online

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