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Convey Announces Magento Partnership and Commerce Platform Integration

Delivery experience management enhances customer satisfaction, reduces “where’s my order” calls, and drives efficiencies for retailers

Austin, TEXAS – April 9, 2019 – Convey, Inc. the leading provider of delivery experience management software, today announced a partnership and technology integration with leading cloud commerce innovation provider Magento, an Adobe company. The integration enables Magento Commerce customers to quickly launch delivery experience management programs that provide end-to-end visibility and control over the entire online shopping experience from order to delivery.

The integrated solution ensures that retailers are able to deliver customers’ orders how and when they expect. Full in-transit visibility, delivery insights and collaborative tools for all customer orders can be live in as little as a month, allowing logistics and customer care teams to effectively manage expectations transparently and proactively. Retailers who have invested in delivery experience management technology have seen as much as 75% fewer “where is my order” calls, more than a 27% reduction in shipment transit times and greater than 9% improvement in Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

“Research shows delivery experience management results in increased customer NPS and lifetime value, while also significantly reducing operating costs for retailers.” -Michael Miller, Vice President of Channels and Alliances at Convey, Inc.

“Extending Magento’s already powerful eCommerce platform with Convey’s innovative technology will help more retailers meet shoppers’ rising expectations, and uphold their brand promises from cart to delivery,” said Michael Miller, vice president of channels and alliances at Convey, Inc. “Research shows delivery experience management results in increased customer NPS and lifetime value, while also significantly reducing operating costs for retailers.”

Retailers using the integrated solution benefit from:

  • Real-time shipment tracking for all teams across a wide range of carriers
  • Access to complete in-transit information from within the Magento order details page
  • Actionable insights that drive strategies to address delivery issues – both at the individual customer and network level
  • Proactive consumer communication and alerting, including the ability to present email and SMS opt-in options within the Magento cart
  • Tools to quickly and easily improve delivery outcomes through improved collaboration and execution
  • Fast time-to-launch with little to no IT involvement

“Over the past several years, the Convey team has demonstrated the technical ability, commitment to quality, and market focus that we look for in a technology partner,” stated Ryan Murden, head of business development at Magento, an Adobe company. “Their domain expertise in developing delivery experience management solutions is well-respected across the industry and we are pleased to welcome them as a Select Partner. Our partnership and integration is a first step to creating happier, more loyal shoppers and efficiencies for our joint retail customers.”

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With delivery expectations skyrocketing, brands cannot leave the critical last mile to chance. Convey’s Delivery Experience Management platform combines real-time visibility, post-purchase experiences, and advanced insights and analytics to create a solution uniquely capable of perfecting last mile delivery. Supply chain and customer experience leaders including Neiman Marcus, and Eddie Bauer rely on Convey’s software and expertise to take action to ensure shoppers get their orders how and when they want, resulting in happier, loyal customers and a lower cost to serve. Founded in 2013, Convey is backed by Silverton Partners, Techstars Venture Group, RPM Ventures and based in Austin, Texas. Learn more about Convey at: