Top Sessions to Attend at the Health Care Supply Chain Summit

New Orleans | January 28-30, 2018

In the wake of rising healthcare costs and cost pressures, supply chain leaders in the space are joining World Congress in New Orleans for three days to learn how patient outcomes and standards of care can be influenced by the optimized supply chain operations.

We are excited to head to the heart of NOLA for the 12th Annual Health Care Supply Chain Summit. Check out our top events to attend below.

Day 1 | Sunday, January 28th

Pre-conference Workshop: Enhance Supplier-Provider Relationships to Drive Down Costs and Improve Quality and Outcomes

Speakers: Brent Petty (System VP of Supply Chain at Wellmont Health System), Doug Pytlinski (Interim Co-Chief Supply Chain Officer at BJC Health Care), Mike Schiller (Sr. Director at AHRMM), and Se-Se Yennes (VP, General Manager of Enterprise Corporate Accounts)
2:00 PM

Petty, Pytlinski, Schiller, and Yennes discuss how health care, hospital, IDN, and supplier professionals can come together to understand the clinical/economic impact of products and services that can help them to achieve value. More importantly, they identify a process that allows all stakeholders to come together to collaborate, reduce costs, and improve supplier-provider relationships in order to  create optimized and meaningful supply chain solutions for payers, providers, employers, and patients.

Day 2 | Monday, January 29th

Reduce the Acquisition Cost of Pharmaceuticals

Speaker: Miguel F. Machado (Chief Procurement Officer and Director of Supply Chain Management)
10:45 AM

With soaring pharmaceutical costs affecting the entire supply chain, Machado discusses how supply chain management drives efficiency and savings. He discusses how a supply chain that incorporates visibility  can both reduce expenses and drive pharmacy supply chain operations.

Advance Patient Safety, Optimize Supply Chain Workflows, and Reduce Waste Through Leveraging Supply Handling and Point of Use Technology

Speakers: Steve Pohlman (Senior Director of Materials Management at Cleveland Clinic) and John Roy (VP/ General Manager at Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions)
1:30 PM

Pohlman and Roy dive through the intricacies of supply chain workflows and introduce the idea that visibility and control within the supply chain can reduce waste while improving both patient care and clinician pain points.

Day 3 | Tuesday, January 30th

Out of Industry Leadership Panel: Explore Best Practices in Supply Chain Excellence

Moderator: Michael DeLuca (Executive VP, Technology and Operations at Prodigo Solutions)
Panelists: Juan Carlos Rodriguez (COO, Fundacion Cardio Infantile) and David Warrick (General Manager, Supply Chain at Microsoft)
8:15 AM

In this panel, learn and discuss how various business are entering the health care market with solutions for health care, from resource waste minimization to financial model planning.

Leverage New Technology to Ensure Cost Effectiveness within the Supply Chain

Speaker: Sandi Michel, LSSBB, MPMP, ITIL (Director of Data Standards and Interoperability at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System)
2:00 PM

With increasing economic and regulatory pressures on cost-effective clinical care, Sandi discusses the importance of analyzing copious technology requests, and she talks about how to create early wins in integrated technology products. 

Learn more about the health care supply chain here and here, or check out the event’s agenda
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