Fulfillment Platform Helps Build.com Improve Delivery Experience

Build.com is a drop-ship online home improvement retailer that is rehabbing its order fulfillment in order to better meet the demands of its customers

In episode 40 of Total Retail Talks, Marshal Downey, director of direct marketing at Build.com, discusses how an intelligent fulfillment platform is helping the online home improvement retailer better meet the demands of its customers for a seamless, fast delivery experience. Build.com has over 400 warehouses that fulfill orders for the company and they do not maintain the inventory personnel for any of warehouses. Downey discusses the company’s previous struggles with getting the warehouses to follow routing maps for carrier selections that provided the best service for the customers and customer delivery experience in general. Build.com turned to Convey to help solve these issues and in the process uncovered other delivery exceptions that they did not realize were occuring.