Delivery Digest: February 2017

The changing role of delivery in retail operations

This February, Amazon’s latest earnings report has highlighted a $7B loss on shipping. While Amazon can afford to take this hit many retailers simply cannot. The focus this month has been on what retailers can do to compete. How to strike a balance between operations and customer experience all with the goal of driving revenue. These are likely to continue to be hot topics at this month’s Operations Summit, Shoptalk, and Home Delivery World events.

How digitization changed the nature of supply chain management

The skills the supply chain manager of the future will need are changing with the role of the job. While executives have typically considered supply chain as a profession of cost containment, better data and connectivity is showing the power of the job to drive up revenues as well.

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Customer Experience a Key Aspect of Retail Supply Chain Operations

Retailers are having a hard time updating their supply chain systems and technologies to keep up with the new reality of heightened customer expectations in an era of digital disruption but are feeling increased pressure to do so quickly, according to a new survey from Convey.

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The cost of convenience: Amazon’s shipping losses top $7B for first time

The amount of money that Amazon lost on shipping — a.k.a. the net cost of landing all those brown boxes on your doorstep in record time — reached an all-time high of nearly $7.2 billion in 2016, according to GeekWire’s analysis of the e-commerce giant’s financial results.

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Whitepaper: How are retailers responding to shopper's delivery demands?

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