Delivery Digest: December 2017

Top Stories of 2017

With a record number of packages sent during peak this year, we’re finally winding into 2018! Thank you for all of your support throughout the year.

While this year was a big one for Amazon, between announcing HQ2 and buying outWhole Foods, check out this year’s top delivery and supply chain stories for 2017.

Inside the Walmart vs. Amazon Battle over Black Friday

In the race for the status of “best delivery,” a growing number of companies are paying to track in real time everything from truckloads of pork chops to shipping containers full of exercise equipment.

Read to learn how logistics providers, retailers, and suppliers are inking deals with software firms that use location data and weather and traffic information to monitor shipments and alert customers to events that could hold up delivery.

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1,000 Miles, Four Families, One Christmas Tree

Before it reached Lisa Maichin’s cozy living room in Queens, her Christmas tree — now speckled with delicate crochet angels and glinting bulbs — spent five days being hacked, hauled and hawked across a supply chain in flux.

Read how a balsam fir tree’s journey from a farm in Nova Scotia to a living room in Ridgewood, Queens, reveals the hard work necessary to deliver holiday cheer.

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Top Shopping Trends Of 2018: Retail Experts Share What To Watch For Next Year

Going into 2018, consumers are showing signs of renewed interest, with growing consumer confidence, and if the tax cut lives up to its promise, people will see more money in their paychecks in early 2018.

Looking ahead, the retail contributor team offers these predictions for the greatest challenges and opportunities in the retail space next year.

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Why is The Last Mile So Inefficient?

The last mile is extremely inefficient. It is the final frontier of logistics, a cost so habitual yet burdensome to supply chains that it begs for futuristic ideas, e.g. drones, flying warehouses or self-driving cars, to capture our imaginations.

Such dreams of a seamless delivery experience are hardly new. Read on to learn which variables put the last mile at risk in this five-part series.

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 Delivery Expectations of Power Shoppers


How Delivery Can Enforce Customer Retention in 2018

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